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(1936 Playtest)

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Posted:Sep 20, 2010 at 10:23 am
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Hi guys,

just thought I'd send you the finalised version I shall be using in
my next playtest. As indicated in an earlier mail, I've gone back on
the Adriatic change as the below Realpolitik module map for Winter
1935 readily shows (the module is attached as a zip-file).

Having done my homework, I'm as of now looking for playtesters for a
new game (having decided to after all run a follow-up game). If
interested, send me a ranked power preference list. I'll aim for a
healthy mix of players so as not to have this turn into too
"incestuous" an affair.

As nobody objected to me doing so, I'm also releasing my DC319
spreadsheet which contains the seasonal DP allocations.



PS: Jimmy, no, I certainly do not want to heighten any bilateral
tensions to a fever pitch. So having East Prussia be anything other
than a simple buffer province was very much out of the question.
I've been musing though over turning Gdynia also into a German
potential build site as Danzig was a German city. But then that'd be
the type of exception I'd rather not implement without very good

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1936 v1.5 (charlesf) Sep 20, 10:23 am

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