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(1936 Playtest)

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Posted:Sep 17, 2010 at 12:06 pm
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Hi guys,

I've now decided to run with the various changes I discussed in my
past mail and implemented those on the below v1.4 map. Here a
summary of the changes:

- Both Algiers and Suez are no longer marked with a red
circle as they're now regular HSCs.

- The Tyrrhenian Sea has been divided into Northern and Southern
Tyrrhenian Sea spaces.

- Tuscany makes a comeback.

- The Adriatic now adjoins Greece.

- I've removed the Abruzzi buffer province that was geared to
facilitate an amphibious landing in Italy. Given the redrawn
Adriatic adds to Italy's defense worries in the East, I felt I
might help out Italy be removing that landing-site.

- I also cut out the now fairly redundant-seeming Ligurian Sea
space. As the SC-space ratio is already pretty high at 1:2.56, I
felt it wise to not further increase the number of overall spaces.
Standard has a ratio of 1:2.2. Plainly 1936 is a whole lot more
fluid variant, though some of 1936's spaces (e.g. Iceland, Kuweit,
Caspian) are only of very marginal use. So the "effective" ratio
is arguably somewhat lower.

All-in-all, I'd say that Franco-Italian tension is increased in
Africa (owing to the threat potential of the Algiers HSC), while
round Piedmont it has been reduced by a fair amount. To the East,
Turkish-Italian rivalry over Greece has been intensified.

I'd be interested to hear your take on these recalibration measures
in the wake of Algiers and Suez being promoted to HSC status.


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