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(1936 Playtest)

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Posted:Sep 10, 2010 at 11:31 am
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Hi guys,

our little continental war is over. Indeed, had it not been for an
email glitch, I'd have had already a unanimous four-way GIPT vote
prior to Spring '43.

The "BIG FOUR" (Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey) met at Schloß
Charlottenhof in Potsdam, rejoicing at being considered the
leading powers in Europe.

Now, it's been a pleasure serving as the GM for such a fine group
of players and thank you all for both your patience and exemplary
spirit you brought to the game. Congrats everyone.

I shall publish an EOG report summary next week. I'd ask you to
submit your EOGs by Wednesday. I'd be grateful were you to also
include your take on the variant. Should you have any suggestions
as to what might be amiss or how 1936 could be improved, I'd love
to hear those thoughts.

I hope you all had a good time, whatever fate befell your nation.




    BRITAIN: DavidCheGould <davidchegould(at)>
    FRANCE: Joao Queiros <jlqueiros3(at)>
    GERMANY: Ghostine, Jimmy <Jimmy.Ghostine(at)>

    ITALY & NAT. SPAIN: Dirk Knemeyer dirk(at)   
    POLAND: Kyle Overby-Lee <tomjnkns.IL(at)>

    SOVIET UNION & REP. SPAIN: Nigel Phillips
<nephilli99(at)> (eliminated Winter 193Cool
    TURKEY: Repu Maoni <wesaq(at)>



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