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(4th Annual DC Invitational)

Subject:< dc340 DCI 2010 - F07 Results: Naturally Your GM Made a Mistake By Being In A Hurry >
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Posted:Feb 03, 2011 at 5:36 pm
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The F in WBS supported Rum-Ode, NOT Bul-Rum. Effect is that Odessa is dislodged AND disbanded. No retreat needed.

However it very likely makes a difference in some relationships. Just maybe. Won't update the map until tomorrow.


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Subject: dc340 DCI 2010 - F07 Results: Recipe for Disaster
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 18:05:52 -0500

Take 7 Diplomacy Liars, Err Players
Mix Them In One Diplomacy Game

Add High Stakes (Hey, Bragging Rights Count)


Add Time and Lying Emails

Let Set for Weeks

What Do You Have? Diplomatic Disaster, Or At Least Surprises


Thanks for getting orders in earlier. My wife appreciates it! 

We have a busy retreat phase:

Burgundian F Hag can retreat to Hesse or OTB

Hungarian A Rumania can retreat to Lemburg, Transylvania, Serbia or OTB

Sicilian F Tunisia can retreat to Algeria, Utica Sea or OTB

Sicilian F Tyrrhenian Sea can retreat to Palermo, Utica Sea, Sardinia, Gulf of Lyon or OTB

Let's have those by 6pm CST tomorrow if possible. From there I will shoot for a Winter of Monday at 6pm CST with Spring08 the following Monday.



A Gdansk - Masuria

F Hague - Anglican Sea (*Dislodged*)

A Hesse - Holstein

F Holstein - Bornholm Sea

A Languedoc - Piedmont (*Bounce*)

A Ruhr - Swabia

A Silesia - Bohemia

A Warsaw Supports A Don - Muscovy (*Cut*)


A Gibraltar - Valencia

F Tunisia Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea - Malta Sea (*Dislodged*)

F Tyrrhenian Sea - Malta Sea (*Dislodged*)

F Valencia - Palma Sea

F Western Mediterranean - Morroco


F Bornholm Sea - Denmark

F Brussels - Hague

A Denmark - Sweden

F English Channel Supports F Picardy - Brussels

F Gascony Hold

F Helgoland Bight Supports F Brussels - Hague

F North Sea - Anglican Sea (*Bounce*)

F Picardy - Brussels

F Portugal Hold

A Wessex - Yorkshire


F Apulia - Naples

A Croatia Hold

A Galicia - Warsaw (*Fails*)

A Lemburg - Podolia

F Ligurian Sea Supports F Naples - Tyrrhenian Sea

A Rome Supports F Apulia - Naples

A Rumania - Odessa (*Dislodged*)

A Tuscany - Piedmont (*Bounce*)


A Don - Muscovy (*Fails*)

A Georgia - Circassia

F Naples - Tyrrhenian Sea

F Pylos Sea - Malta Sea (*Bounce*)

A Sahara Supports F Tripolitania - Tunisia

F Tripolitania - Tunisia


A Catalonia - Santander


A Muscovy Supports A Podolia - Kiev (*Cut*)

F Odessa - Rumania (*Fails*)

A Podolia - Kiev

A Riga - Livonia

F Taurida - Yalta (*Bounce*)


F Anatolia - Armenia

A Athens Hold

F Bulgaria - Rumania

A Constantinople - Bulgaria

F East Black Sea - Yalta (*Bounce*)

A Smyrna - Pisidia

F West Black Sea Supports F Bulgaria - Rumania

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Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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