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(4th Annual DC Invitational)

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Posted:Dec 22, 2011 at 6:10 pm
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If it makes you feel more in your element we can just start you on only one supply center…



From: Mike Hoffman [mailto:mrh(at)panix.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 3:27 PM
Subject: Re: DCI 2011 - Tournament Announcement, Official Notification and Invite


Thanks Garry!  I was about to shoot you a message inquiring how I qualified based on the original list of "best of"s.  Didn't realize the LB pulled that much weight, or that I was so prolific in takeovers. Smile

Seeing as how I got into this tourney, maybe it's better if I "hire a proxy" to start the game, play one or two rounds, drop out, and I can ride into the established position. Smile

Thanks again!  Good Luck to you all!!!
"Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often" -- anon
"Shared Pain is lessened, Shared Joy is increased" --- Spider Robinson

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 1:41 PM, Garry Bledsoe <kielmarch(at)hotmail.com> wrote:

And I am already making mistakes. I included Mr. Hoffman on the invite but didn't include him in the cast of characters. 


Our 9th player is none other than Mr. Mike Hoffman who gets the invite for being the most active Light Brigade member in the past year and pretty darn close in the lifetime of the Brigade. The LB is a team of individuals who will take replacement positions in games when the GM is trying to backfill an abandon. This is key because typically these positions aren't always the greatest which leaves that person in a position of accepting a game that could hurt their rating. But that has never deterred Mike from charging in against all odds!


Sorry Mike!



Subject: DCI 2011 - Tournament Announcement, Official Notification and Invite
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 15:24:51 -0500


Fall approached and left. Leaves changed colors and fell. Mike and Garry slacked off and watched time creep by and most importantly ALMOST missed our annual tournament du force, DCI. 


How can this be you ask? Well I am sure it is somewhat related to Wizard magic gone wrong but then again anyone watching DC394 can understand that - none of my magic mojo has been working of late, especially in the games I have played in. But I digress... 


Back to business.


For the newer contingent on the list, DCI is a champion's tournament of sorts. It pits the best of WB, the best of last year's DCI, the best of the player rankings and so on to crown one champion for 2011. This single game is one that doesn't carry a prize - it merely carries prestige because it is INVITATIONAL based on merit alone and pits you against the meanest, least trustworthy, nicest, craftiest players in DC. (note: for those new to DCI it is a single-game "tournament"Wink


A DCI title is like a Super Bowl ring or a World Cup trophy, few ever make the playoffs/knockout stages and fewer still get to be crowned the champ.


Surprisingly even yours truly doesn't have one! Insert comments here about the injustices of the world.


The good news: YOU are invited. 

The bad news: once again players are stuck with the ever-annoying Garry Bledsoe as the GM for this year's Invitational (sorry for those of you enduring this again)


So...all of that said, allow me to formally invite you to DCI.


For this year's tournament we have a variant that still should keep the focus on good ol' Diplomacy: 1600. There are no special rules and very few nuances on the map that differentiate it from standard Diplomacy. You can find the variant info here:  www.dipwiki.com/index.php?title=1600


Note: this is a 9 player variant and we have invited 9. Please confirm to me your interest in playing by Dec 31st. I want to kick this game into high gear to start 2012. A couple of notes: we will run it roughly a week per major turn. When all 9 are in I will RANDOMLY assign powers...that keeps the tournament fair.


So how did this year's participants qualify? Well, here you go:


Adam S. - all around awesome GM and amazing guy but most importantly DCI09 champion; oh yeah, and ALSO DCI10 champion; that's right, back-to-back and 

    REIGNING champion 

Dave K. - winner of the WB2011

Dirk K.- an esteemed mod for our site, a runner-up in last year's DCI and this year's winner of the "hot win streak" position with two, yep two, solos this year

Mike S. - STILL the highest ranking player on the site in points, esteemed moderator, all around god

Gerry B. - the current highest ranking ACTIVE new player (based on provisional ranking)

Sun C. - the current ranking "survivor" title holder who is a player who has the most games in the last year with a survival without being eliminated

Brian D. - my vote for best new GM based on his management of 3 games this year including helping out in this year's WB

Mike B. aka Vegas - a player voted in as an at-large pick for being a honorable veteran who has re-activated his Dip game and has taken on GMing duties in several 

   games including in this year's WB (welcome back Vegas); for those who are curious, Vegas played in DC002, that's right the 2nd ever game on the site


So there you have it. Are you up for the challenge? Please respond by year-end (Dec 31st) to confirm that you are going to take part in this year's free-for-all. I look forward to being your humble guide on this battle royal.



DC Mod

One Time Winner of Some WB

One Time Loser of Some DCI

Order of the Oak


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