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Subject:< dc415 Stonehenge Autumn 851 adjudication >
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Posted:Apr 10, 2012 at 3:01 pm
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Hi everyone,
Apologies for the late adjudication. If I'd have stuck to the deadline then multiple NMRs would have occurred - however, I've now got a situation whereby, despite chasing, only one NMR is present.
Here's the Autumn 851 moves:
A Chester, no move received
F Durham, no move received
A Stamford, no move received
F Baie de la Seine - Straits of Dover
A Bretagne Hold
A Flanders Hold
F Jylland Hold
F Kattegat - Sweden
A Lower Saxony Hold
A Drenthe - Holland (*Bounce*)
F Hoek of Holland - Thames
A Rheinland - Holland (*Bounce*)
A Donegal - Armagh
A Louth Supports A Donegal - Armagh
F St. George Channel - Damnonia (*Bounce*)
A Hordaland Fylke - Ostfold
F Lofoten Sea - Zetland
F Skagerrak Hold
F Caithness - Orkney Islands
A Grampian - Sutherland (*Bounce*)
A Lothians - Argyll
A Essex - Suffolk
A London - Middlesex
F Wight - Wiltshire (*Fails*)
A Ayr - Cumbria
F Little Minch - Lewis
F Minch - Sutherland (*Bounce*)
A Gloucester - Damnonia (*Bounce*)
F Gwynedd - Damnonia (*Bounce*)
A Wiltshire Hold
There are no retreats, therefore we head straight into our winter adjustments:
Angles:    Supp  5 Unit  3 Build  2
Britons:   Supp  5 Unit  3 Build  2
Danes:     Supp  5 Unit  3 Build  2
Frisians:  Supp  4 Unit  3 Build  1
Irish:     Supp  4 Unit  3 Build  1
Norse:     Supp  4 Unit  3 Build  1
Picts:     Supp  5 Unit  3 Build  2
Saxons:    Supp  6 Unit  3 Build  3
Scots:     Supp  4 Unit  3 Build  1
Welsh:     Supp  5 Unit  3 Build  2

The deadline for the winter adjustments will be Friday 13 April, 2000GMT.
Let me reiterate to everybody that I'm happy to grant deadline extensions, if asked to do so.

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