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Subject:< FINAL dc415 Stonehenge Autumn 853 deadline extension >
Topic:< dc415 >
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Posted:May 31, 2012 at 3:44 pm
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I'm still waiting for moves for two players. If it were just one I'd have NMRed them by now - but two questions the integrity of the game. But we can't hang around forever.
Tomorrow, 2000GMT, is the final deadline that I'm willing to set. The adjudication, with NMRs, will take place then. If you've not got your moves to me by then, you've been warned.

--- On Sun, 27/5/12, Jerome Payne <jerome777(at)> wrote:

From: Jerome Payne <jerome777(at)>
Subject: dc415 Stonehenge Autumn 853 deadline extension
To: jerome777(at), alley_cat_1990(at), archimedeslives(at), bret_pollack(at), diplomacyworld(at), kielmarch(at), hurup(at), jason4747(at), knightofroma(at), gnr.griffiths(at), mariamontes1990(at)
Cc: dc415(at)
Date: Sunday, 27 May, 2012, 19:18

Hi everyone,
I've a request for a deadline extension. The Autumn 853 deadline will now be Tuesday 29 May, 2000GMT.

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