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Diplomaticcorp Discussion Forum:  Winter Blitz

(4th Annual DC Winter Blitz (WB 2011))

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Posted:May 15, 2014 at 9:32 pm
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*Austrians Test New ATM (Austrian Teleportation Machine)*
*Germans Mind Control French!*
*Big Surprise! England Dies!*

Hey all,
It's getting down to the wire. Germany's up to 15 centers. And France appears to be helping out the German Overlords. Can the rest of the board stop the solo? Or will we all be eating Sauerkraut and speaking German?

Winter is easy. Only Germany has builds. We also bid farewell to the English. Thanks for playing!

Austria: even
England: -1 (-lon) ELIMINATED
France: Even (-Bre, +Spa)
Germany: +3 (+1 from last year, +Lon, +Bre)
Italy: even (-spa, + disbanded F spa)
Turkey: Even


Austria: A Albania - Venice (*Fails*)A Budapest Supports A Rumania - GaliciaA Rumania - GaliciaA Serbia Supports A Albania - Venice (*Fails*)
England: A London Hold (*Dislodged*)
France: F Gulf of Lyon Supports F Western Mediterranean - Spain(sc)F Western Mediterranean - Spain(sc)
Germany: A Berlin - SilesiaA Burgundy - Marseilles (*Fails*)F Denmark - North SeaF English Channel Supports A Wales - LondonF Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Portugal (*Fails*)A Moscow Supports A Prussia - Warsaw (*Cut*)A Munich - TyroliaA Paris - GasconyF Picardy - BrestA Prussia - Warsaw (*Fails*)A Wales - LondonA Warsaw - Galicia (*Fails*)
Italy: F Apulia Supports F Naples - Ionian SeaA Marseilles Supports F Spain(sc) (*Cut*)F Naples - Ionian SeaF Portugal Supports F Spain(sc) (*Cut*)F Spain(sc) Supports A Marseilles (*Disbanded*)F Tunis HoldA Venice Hold
Turkey: F Aegean Sea HoldA Armenia - SevastopolF Black Sea Supports A Armenia - SevastopolA Bulgaria - RumaniaA Constantinople - BulgariaF Greece HoldA Ukraine - Moscow (*Fails*)

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