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(FOW III: Dark Side of the Fog)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Agreed on all points.

I don't mind the name calling and will save my full explanation for my EOG. Needless to say, from this idiots perspective, it was complete failure of my neighbors to work with me EARLY in the game that led to a Trout solo...along with characteristic arrogance form one player in particular who just assumed his "logic" would prevail despite several ill-timed and senseless betrayals.

All the best,

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From where I sit, Fletch is hastening the inevitable. Which I will demonstrate if Steve continues with this temper tantrum he seems to be on.

You guys might be angry at Fletch right now - but I'll explain in my EOG how a solo on my part was unstoppable and just a matter of time. That sounds really arrogant, and I apologize if it comes across like that... It's the truth, however, as much as some people don't want to believe it.

Insults aside, its been a hell of a game. Whether it ends now or in two moves, I consider myself lucky just to have played this one with you guys. It's been a lot of fun. =)



On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 4:52 PM, Stephen Lytton <stevelytton(at) ([email]stevelytton(at)[/email])> wrote:

I am also completely disapointed in Fletch. he just attempted to stab me as well.

I dont see why a seasoned player would allow another player to solo when they could have easily
forced a draw.

Trout - you may win this one, but it's not because of better play by you know - it;s because Fletch
played like an idiot.

aka Deathblade_penguin (Knight of the Lion)

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Yeah...Fletch just threw the game to Trout. I assure you that I will spend the few remaining units I have to Trout and make sure that I attack Fletch. That was really pretty dumb. There is NO WAY that you can get a part of a two-way draw...what were you thinking?

Yes, I am vindictive and yes, I will gladly ensure that Trout wins. Stupid stupid boy.


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Subject: Dark Side - all out!

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