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Subject:< DC310 Fall 1905 Adjudication >
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Posted:Aug 23, 2010 at 5:01 pm
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Austria's influence slowly lessens as he gets pushed out of his last home center, becoming the only barrier between France and the East. Two retreats before winter:
Russian Berlin can retreat to Prussia &OTBAustrian Bohemia can retreat to Munich & OTB
Get those in by Tuesday the 24th, 9:00 ET (24 hours from now).

Austria: F ven Supports A tyr -> tri
Austria: A tyr -> tri
Austria: A mun -> ber
Austria: A boh -> sil
France: A ruh Supports A kie
France: F nao -> lvp
France: A mar -> spa
France: F lon Holds
France: A kie Supports A mun -> ber
France: F hol -> hel
France: A bur -> mar
Russia: A war Supports A sil
Russia: A vie Supports A gal -> boh
Russia: F swe -> ska
Russia: A sil Supports A ber
Russia: F nwy -> nwg
Russia: A gal -> boh
Russia: A fin -> swe
Russia: A den Holds
Russia: A bud Supports A vie
Russia: A ber Supports A sil
Turkey: F tys -> wes
Turkey: A tri Supports A alb -> ven
Turkey: F lyo -> spa/sc
Turkey: F eas -> ion
Turkey: F con -> aeg
Turkey: A alb -> ven
Turkey: F aeg -> gre
Turkey: F adr Convoys A alb -> ven -Sam Buck

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