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(Standard - GM: Cory)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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DC112 EOG Austria

Truly, Diplomacy is a beautiful game. I was a near-starter in DipCorp back in the day, but had to drop out for about 5 years. This is my first game back – and brilliant me, decided to be Austria. Figured either victory or defeat – quick either way. Turns out to be defeat.....
Anyway, what a great game none-the-less. Couple of NMRs by some, a few permanent CDs, but such is life, such is Diplomacy. Our GM Cory did a great job explaining that if you get two, you are out and no replacement (this is important later). He followed thru as promised so delays were minimal. I would like to suggest that is a good way to go for all GMs and players with advanced agreement.
My game and Austrian Strategy: I started with the goal of picking a target – either Russia, Italy or Turkey. Since Turkey was a bit hard to communicate with – and I got a lot of great email from Italy and Russia – it was time for a Turkey sandwich. I had planned on main attack with Russia as a partner, and secretly to have Italy come in through the Sea in southern Turkey so that we could both pound Russia back as he was likely to get large. Mid-way, I changed plans because Russia was quite a good ally, I thought he might be facing big distractions with England up north and would not be so hard for me to hit. Plus, with Italy as an ally, he was an easier stab later (this is also important later). Italy totally drew me in as his super-ace, #1 ally and BFF (best friend forever).....again, this is important later.
So, Russia and I merrily convinced Turkey he was dead – he NMRed x 2, and was easy pickings (told you this would come back) – Russia and I were going to split it. We were hotter than a California wildfire. Meanwhile, Italy half-ass attacked France and Germany (with me helping) with all . Then, with exquisite timing, Italy pounced on me like Elvis on a jelly doughnut. I mean he conducted a flawless stab like Brutus on Caesar, like OJ Simpson on..... well, you get the idea.
So, I went down like Paris Hilton..... (really, I should stop I know).... and it was all over. I was crushed between Italy and Russia like so much caviar and pizza. For what it is worth, I did attempt to keep in contact with France and Germany and England, but, as I was pinned, there was not much to say or do. I regret the early attack in Germany (sorry Dorian) as it was a waste for me, but I was not ready to attack Russia or Italy as I was still eating Turkey on rye.
Anyway, fun game – thanks to Cory first and foremost – great GM. Also, thanks to Italy and Russia for being such good “allies,” then G-F-E and Turkey (who just got whacked – as did I).
Excellent job, Russia. I am glad to decided to muscle it through for a solo.

Archduke Jason
DC112 loser......

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.ExternalClass DIV {;} After a little break for New Year's, we return to find an NMR from France, so Italy's defensive moves prove unnecessary. Germany attempts to counter-attack at Berlin, but Russia cuts the support and instead boots the Kaiser out of Munich.

With Russia also taking control of Liverpool, Denmark, and Trieste, this game has reached its end. Tsar Andrew takes a 20 center solo. Congratulations, Andrew!
The final game map and RP files are attached. The RP file is pre-retreat. For the .gif image, I took the liberty of ordering the German retreat to Ruhr. I'll post the adjud once I can regain access to the club website.

I encourage all players, including the eliminated Archduke Jason, to submit an end-of-game (EOG) statement. Andrew, I think the club reqiures an EOG from soloists.

Thanks for playing, everyone. This has been my first effort as a GM, and while not everything went smoothly (especially with two CDs!), I definitely appreciate your patience and for sticking it out to the end.


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