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(Standard game, Mike Sims GM)

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Posted:Mar 22, 2011 at 3:15 pm
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English on the mainland!  This round the English forces manage to shuttle an army over to the beaches of Belgium... and beside that, well, not a whole lot moves... France maneuvers a couple guys around, and standoffs continue in the east.  Nothing from Italy.  Pablo if you sent orders pls let me know ASAP.  You still choose which unit to remove, tho if no unit is chosen the F ION will default off the board.


England: Build 1

Italy: Remove 1

Turkey: Build 1


BUILDS due Thursday 3pm Central!

Then, Spring due next Tuesday again.




A Budapest - Galicia (*Fails*)
A Galicia - Warsaw (*Fails*)
F Greece Hold
A Rumania Hold
A Trieste Supports A Vienna
A Vienna Hold


F English Channel Supports A Yorkshire - Belgium
F North Sea Convoys A Yorkshire - Belgium
F Norway Hold
A St Petersburg - Livonia (*Bounce*)
A Yorkshire - Belgium


A Burgundy - Belgium (*Fails*)
A Gascony - Brest
F Gulf of Lyon - Marseilles
F Tunis Hold
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Naples (*Fails*)
F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean


A Bohemia Supports A Tyrolia
F Gulf of Bothnia - Sweden
A Munich Supports A Tyrolia
A Prussia Supports A Warsaw
A Silesia Supports A Warsaw
A Tyrolia Hold


F Ionian Sea, no move received
F Naples, no move received
A Piedmont, no move received
A Venice, no move received


A Warsaw, no move received


F Black Sea Hold
A Moscow - Livonia (*Bounce*)
A Sevastopol - Moscow (*Fails*)
F Smyrna Hold
A Ukraine Supports A Sevastopol - Moscow (*Fails*)



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