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(Standard game, Mike Sims GM)

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Posted:May 26, 2011 at 9:11 am
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Hey all,

Not exactly a picturesque ending with 4 out of 7 countries going into Civil Disorder, but EFG agree to a 3-Way Draw so that is our final result!


I really appreciate the committment of our final 3 to see the game thru to the end, despite the rocky path we followed - players that stick it out definitely do not go unnoticed, and I hope you guys find your way into a veteran game so as to perhaps not be so subjected to the abandons.  Any end-game-statements are of course welcome - share your perspective on the game.


I enjoyed watching the EFG triangle unfold, and I think it was really just the early collapse of 3 powers on the southeast half of the map that forced everyone in the west to call off the traditional stabbing and try to put up a stalemate.  That triangle could have been a lot more interesting if a similar balance had developed in the south.  Anyways, good game, and I hope to encounter you in a game sometime...




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