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Subject:< 1886 Britain in Trouble! 
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Posted:Aug 25, 2011 at 5:41 pm
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Britain under assult, has two UNITS Destroyed!

France is now a Rogue Country in Civil Disorder.
[Players may offer up one or more of their moves in the Spring or Fall to try and order a French unit], this is a CD Bid.

Example: Britain has sent in orders A_Punjab_to_Tibet, A_Hyderbad support F_Ars_to_Bom and Civil Disorder order moves in form;
CD_Punjab_(GOS-Ban), CD_Hyderbad_(GOS-Ban)

The above means Britain is making two bids for France to move F_GOS-Ban. Another Country has also sent in a CD order for GOS-Ban for a total of three bids for FRENCH_F_GOS-Ban. If there are two or less bids for a different F_GOS order, F_GOS-Ban will be executed, and units in Punjab and Hyderbad are ordered to hold.
So let the guerrilla warfare begin! Send in CD orders for France with your Spring and Fall moves!
NOTE: [I do my best with orders not written in proper CD form. No re-adjudication for GM errors caused by badly written CD orders.]

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