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Subject:< Colonial DC369BT 1876 Results >
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Posted:Mar 29, 2011 at 7:18 am
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British mistake Russian A Kag for one of their own.
Turkey takes Kar from Britian and China takes Yun from France.

When I first started in hobby writing the wrong unit was an illegal order, I notice today most House rules require you to repair such orders. I did so this turn.
Britain |(10)|[BRIT,del,mad,bom,ade,sig,hk ](ann),ben,kam,mal
China |( Cool|[CHIN,pek,sik,sha,mac],ass,chu,mon,ubur
France |( 6)|[FRAN,ton,coc](can),ban,may,ran
Holland |( 6)|[HOLL,bor,jav,sum],cey,dav,sar
Japan |( 7)|[JAPA,tok,ota,kyu,kyo],ceb,for,fus
Russia |( 9)|[RUSS,mos,oms,vla,ode,part],kag,rum,seo,tas
Turkey |( Cool|[TURK,ang,con,bag],egy,kar,prs,sud,tab
Neutral |( 4)|,gui,mna,sak,shi
Total = ( 5Cool

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