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(Standard - Gunboat)

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Posted:Jun 17, 2015 at 1:33 pm
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While technically not out of the game until winter, Austria lost his last remaining unit to Russia, so barring an empty supply center in Budapest, we say Thank You to Austria for playing. Germany also lost a unit to Russia this season in Norway. There were no places for Austria or Germany to retreat with their armies, so each were disbanded automatically.

No manual retreats are required, so we move on to Fall 10.

Fall 1910 orders are due on Monday, June 8 at 8:30 pm MDT (02:30 09-06-15 GMT)

Movement results for Spring of 1910. (DC521)

Austria: A Budapest Supports A Vienna (*Disbanded*).

France: A Belgium Hold.
France: A Berlin - Prussia.
France: F Brest - English Channel.
France: A Burgundy - Munich.
France: F Denmark - Baltic Sea.
France: A Gascony Supports F Spain(sc).
France: A Kiel - Denmark.
France: F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Supports F Spain(sc).
France: A Munich - Silesia.
France: F North Sea Supports F Brest - English Channel.
France: A Paris - Burgundy.
France: F Spain(sc) Supports F Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Cut*).

Germany: F London - Yorkshire.
Germany: A Norway - St Petersburg (*Disbanded*).

Italy: A Vienna Supports A Budapest (*Cut*).

Russia: F Black Sea - Rumania.
Russia: A Galicia Supports A Rumania - Budapest.
Russia: F Gulf of Bothnia - Finland.
Russia: A Rumania - Budapest.
Russia: A St Petersburg Supports A Sweden - Norway.
Russia: A Sweden - Norway.

Turkey: F Bulgaria(sc) Hold,
Turkey: A Constantinople - Ankara.
Turkey: F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc) (*Fails*).
Turkey: A Marseilles Supports F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc).
Turkey: A Piedmont Supports A Marseilles.
Turkey: A Serbia, no move received.
Turkey: A Trieste - Vienna (*Bounce*).
Turkey: F Tunis - North Africa.
Turkey: A Tyrolia - Vienna (*Bounce*).
Turkey: F Tyrrhenian Sea - Gulf of Lyon (*Fails*).
Turkey: A Venice - Tyrolia (*Fails*).
Turkey: F Western Mediterranean Supports F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc).

Unit locations:

France: F Baltic Sea, A Belgium, A Burgundy, A Denmark, F English Channel, A Gascony, F Mid-Atlantic Ocean, A Munich, F North Sea, A Prussia, A Silesia, F Spain(sc).
Germany: F Yorkshire.
Italy: A Vienna.
Russia: A Budapest, F Finland, A Galicia, A Norway, F Rumania, A St Petersburg.
Turkey: A Ankara, F Bulgaria(sc), F Gulf of Lyon, A Marseilles, F North Africa, A Piedmont, A Serbia, A Trieste, A Tyrolia, F Tyrrhenian Sea, A Venice, F Western Mediterranean.

Ownership of supply centers:

Austria: Budapest.
France: Belgium, Berlin, Brest, Denmark, Edinburgh, Holland, Kiel, Liverpool, Munich, Paris, Portugal, Spain.
Germany: London, Norway.
Italy: Vienna.
Russia: Moscow, Rumania, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Sweden, Warsaw.
Turkey: Ankara, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Marseilles, Naples, Rome, Serbia, Smyrna, Trieste, Tunis, Venice.

Austria: 1 Supply center, 0 Units: Builds 1 unit.
England: 0 Supply centers, 0 Units: Builds 0 units.
France: 12 Supply centers, 12 Units: Builds 0 units.
Germany: 2 Supply centers, 1 Unit: Builds 0 units.
Italy: 1 Supply center, 1 Unit: Builds 0 units.
Russia: 6 Supply centers, 6 Units: Builds 0 units.
Turkey: 12 Supply centers, 12 Units: Builds 0 units.

The next phase of DC521 will be Movement for Fall of 1910.

Message to Russia:

While I have my suspicions, I would like to point out that little countries (A,I,G) might also have voted against ending the game. I think caution is important, but it could be revisited after each nation's eventual demise!

Message to France:

If you voted to end the game, I would suggest holding your defensive position and taking out the smaller countries. Otherwise... who knows...


Craig Connell
"Wars are, of course, as a rule to be avoided; but they are far better than certain kinds of peace" --Theodore Roosevelt

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