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(Standard - GM: Cory)

Subject:< DC112 spring 1906 results! >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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First things first, the DIAS proposal fails!

An interesting turn, as nearly every ordered move succeeds. Russia supports Italy into Serbia and follows up by moving into Budapest himself. Italy makes a supported move to Western Med, only to find that the French fleet was already on the move to North Africa. Germany pushes eastward, and Russia's northern forces move into the fray.

One retreat is due, the lone Austrian army, which can only retreat to Albania. Jason, I have taken the liberty of ordering that retreat.

For the fall, we have another endgame proposal, a 4-way draw among everyone except Austria. Please cast your vote on this proposal along with your fall 1906 orders, which will be due Thursday 11/8 at 3pm Central (US). Daylight time ends this weekend in the US, so for some of you, this upcoming deadline is an hour earlier.



Spring 1906 results:

A Serbia - Budapest (*Dislodged*), GM retreats Serbia - Albania

A Belgium Hold
F Brest - English Channel
A Burgundy Supports A Marseilles
A Marseilles Hold
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Western Mediterranean (*Fails*)
F Portugal - Spain(sc)
A Spain - Gascony
F Western Mediterranean - North Africa

A Berlin - Silesia
F Denmark Hold
A Holland Hold
A Kiel - Berlin
A Munich - Bohemia
A Tyrolia Supports A Munich - Bohemia

A Budapest - Serbia
F Greece Hold
A Piedmont Supports A Rome - Venice
A Rome - Venice
F Tunis - Western Mediterranean
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Tunis - Western Mediterranean
A Venice - Trieste
A Vienna Supports A Venice - Trieste

A Ankara - Constantinople
F Baltic Sea Convoys A Sweden - Prussia
F Bulgaria(ec) Hold
A Galicia - Budapest
A Norway - Sweden
A Rumania Supports A Budapest - Serbia
A Smyrna Hold
F St Petersburg(nc) - Norway
A Sweden - Prussia
A Ukraine - Galicia
A Warsaw Supports A Galicia (*Ordered to Move*)

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