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(Balkans 1860 Playtest!)

Subject:< [ACD-Games] ACD236/DC288: Balkans1860 Spring 1865 Results: Bitola [3 Attachments] >
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Posted:Apr 22, 2010 at 4:07 pm
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oops - right maps, wrong DPY - here you go
On 4/22/10, Benjamin Hester wrote:
Bitola is the crossroads of the Balkans, a city populated by Turks,
Bulgars, Macedonians and Greeks. Yet in our Balkan Wars, none of
these will realize their claims, as a fifth player occupies the region
by strength of arms. The Serbian state, supported by Rumania, now
occupies the city astride the Dragor, and Serbian troops rest in the
shadow of Baba Mountain.

Italy continues their strategic withdrawal, but struggles to keep the
SC balance even, as they gain Salzburg, but lose control of Firenze
and Venezia. The dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary suffers the loss of
both of their capitals this season, as Wien and Budapest fall to the
Rumanian invaders. The Bulgarian navy advances at sea, occupying the
Thermaic Gulf, while the Greeks advance along their flanks. Greece
gains ground on one front and loses it on the other, as their drive up
the Italian peninsula continues unabated, but they suffer reverses in
the Aegean region.

Allen - A Wien has only one available retreat (Graz). I have done
this automatically - if you prefer OTB, please let me know within 24

NEXT DEADLINE: Fall Orders will be due Thursday, April 29th, at 1700
EST. Please have all orders in on time, and
remember to CC me on negotiations! Thanks to all that have been doing
so already -


ITALY: Adam Levy
SERBIA: Garry Bledsoe
GREECE: Nigel Phillips
ROMANIA: Mike Sims
OTTOMAN EMPIRE: Gregory Bim-Merle



F Firenze - Torino
A Trent Supports A Venezia - Salzburg
A Venezia - Salzburg


A Graz - Pecs
F Gulf of Venezia Supports F Trieste - Venezia
F Trieste - Venezia
A Wien Supports A Graz - Pecs (*Dislodged*)


F Adriatic Sea - Cetinje
A Agram Supports A Pecs - Graz (*Void*)
A Novi Sad Supports A Temesvar - Budapest
A Sarajevo Supports A Agram
A Skopje - Bitola


A Craiova - Temesvar
A Kassa Supports A Pecs - Wien
A Pecs - Wien
F Salonika Supports F Bursa - Thermaic Gulf (*Cut*)
A Scutari Supports A Skopje - Bitola
F Sea of Marmara Supports F Bursa - Thermaic Gulf
A Temesvar - Budapest


A Burgas - Edirne
F Bursa - Thermaic Gulf
F Istanbul - Bursa
A Manisa Supports F Istanbul - Bursa
A Plovdiv - Serres (*Fails*)
A Serres - Kozani (*Fails*)
A Sofia Supports A Plovdiv - Serres (*Fails*)


A Ancona - Bologna
A Athens - Agrinio
F Bay of Kotor Supports A Bitola - Tirana
A Bitola - Tirana
F Gulf of Izmir - Eastern Mediterranean
A Kozani - Salonika (*Fails*)
F Larisa - Thermaic Gulf (*Fails*)
F Ligurian Sea Supports F Roma - Firenze
F Roma - Firenze
F Thermaic Gulf - Gulf of Izmir


A Izmir Hold


Diplomacy in Texas!
Realpolitik files available here for the Sengoku, Balkans1860, South
American Supremacy, and DarkAges Diplomacy Variants

Diplomacy in Texas!
Realpolitik files available here for the Sengoku, Balkans1860, South
American Supremacy, and DarkAges Diplomacy Variants

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