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(Balkans 1860 Playtest!)

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Posted:May 17, 2010 at 5:28 pm
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You know, it just dawned on me that I called the last adjudication
Fall 1866, when in fact it was Spring 1866. My apologies for that
screw up. So now that the space-time continuum has re-established
itself, and we find ourselves in the *real* Fall of 1866, some very
interesting events are unfolding...but first, our usual historical
Trieste was born Tergeste, an Illyrian settlement captured by the
Romans in 177 BC. Tergeste remained Roman, and then Byzantine, until
the Lombards sacked the city in 567 AD. Later in 1382, Trieste
appealed to the Habsburg crown for protection against the strength of
Venice, and was integrated into Austria-Hungary.
Historically, Italy then received Trieste as spoils of World War I
from the collapsing Austrian state, but in our Balkan Wars, we find
Serbs as the occupiers. Italy denies Austria the support needed to
hold the line in Trieste against the Romanian and Serbian invaders.
Elsewhere, the Greeks do a marvelous job of repelling Serb, Bulgarian,
and Romanian invaders on all fronts, save Anatolia, as the Bulgarians
begin to draw the net around the last Ottoman outpost in Izmir. A
fierce naval battle in the Gulf of Izmir results in a draw. Romanian
armies weave their way cautiously through Serb and Bulgarian lands,
making their way to the front.
The Bulgaria/Greece/Rumania draw is voted down vigorously.
***NEXT DEADLINE: The next deadline for Winter 1866 will be Thursday, May 20,
2010 at 1700 EST. I have auto-retreated Allen's Army in Trieste to
the only open territory in Venezia. Allen, if you prefer OTB, please
let me know by Tuesday at 1700 EST, otherwise please confirm publicly
- thanks!
ITALY: Adam Levy
SERBIA: Garry Bledsoe
GREECE: Nigel Phillips
ROMANIA: Mike Sims
OTTOMAN EMPIRE: Gregory Bim-Merle
A Salzburg Hold
F Gulf of Venezia Supports A Trieste (*Cut*)
A Trieste Supports A Salzburg (*Dislodged*)
F Adriatic Sea - Gulf of Venezia (*Fails*)
A Agram - Trieste
A Bitola - Scutari (*Fails*)
A Kragujevac - Cetinje (*Bounce*)
A Novi Sad - Agram
A Sarajevo - Cetinje (*Bounce*)
F Burgas Bay - Bosporus
A Graz Supports A Agram - Trieste
A Pecs Supports A Graz
A Pleven - Nis
F Salonika Supports A Serres - Kozani
F Sea of Marmara - Thermaic Gulf (*Fails*)
A Temesvar - Craiova
A Tirana Supports A Kozani - Agrinio (*Cut*)
A Wien - Budapest
F Bursa Supports F Thermaic Gulf - Gulf of Izmir
A Istanbul - Ankara
A Kozani - Agrinio (*Fails*)
A Manisa - Antalya
A Plovdiv - Serres (*Fails*)
A Serres - Kozani (*Fails*)
F Thermaic Gulf - Gulf of Izmir (*Bounce*)
F Aegean Sea Supports F Saronic Gulf - Gulf of Izmir
A Agrinio - Larisa (*Fails*)
F Athens Supports A Agrinio - Larisa (*Fails*)
A Bologna - Ancona
F Eastern Mediterranean Supports A Izmir
F Larisa - Kozani (*Fails*)
F Saronic Gulf - Gulf of Izmir (*Bounce*)
F Scutari - Tirana (*Fails*)
F Torino Hold
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Gulf of Taranto
A Izmir Hold
Remove (or nothing, if Trieste retreats OTB)
Diplomacy in Texas!
Realpolitik files available here for the Sengoku, Balkans1860, South
American Supremacy, and DarkAges Diplomacy Variants

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