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(Balkans 1860 Playtest!)

Subject:< ACD236/DC288: Balkans1860 Winter 1866 Adjustments: Cetinje >
Topic:< dc288 >
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Posted:May 20, 2010 at 4:00 pm
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Cetinje is the historical capital of the independent kingdom of
Montenegro, a close ally of the Serbian people throughout much of its
history, particularly in the wars against the Ottoman Empire. Its
mountain strongholds were the last bastion of Orthodox Christianity in
the Balkans that remained unconquered by the invading Muslims of
Turkey. As the Ottoman empire receded and the rising states of
Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia reclaimed their homelands, Montenegro
remained fiercely independent throughout, only finally joining Serbia
by choice in 1918 at the conclusion of World War I.
Here in the Balkan Wars, Cetinje is now home to the 3rd largest navy
(tied with Bulgaria) on the map. Romania, not to be outdone, adds a
fleet of their own in Constanta, and the Austrians remove their
remaining fleet in the Gulf of Venezia. Three powers now remain in a
single SC on the map, clinging fiercely to life.
***NEXT DEADLINE: The next deadline for Spring 1867 will be Thursday, May
27, 2010 at 1700 EST.
ITALY: Adam Levy
SERBIA: Garry Bledsoe
GREECE: Nigel Phillips
ROMANIA: Mike Sims
OTTOMAN EMPIRE: Gregory Bim-Merle
Austria-Hungary: Remove F Gulf of Venezia
Romania: Build F Constanta
Serbia: Build F Cetinje

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Realpolitik files available here for the Sengoku, Balkans1860, South
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