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(Balkans 1860 Playtest!)

Subject:< DC 288: Balkans1860: Fall 1867 - All Your Base Are Belong to Us - GAME OVER (I think?) >
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Posted:Jun 04, 2010 at 7:35 am
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Game over.  First, thanks to B for doing another great job as GM.  Calm, cool, and collected is our B, large and in charge.  Seriously, he runs a fantastic game, generally on time, always communicative, and very professional.  Thanks bro.  And to Mike, Adam, Garry, Nigel, Ross, and Greg, it's been a hard played game, thanks for a great game.  Please don't take any of my taunting or sarcasm too seriously. 
The variant.  This is my second time through.  When B. put out the notice for the second game and I volunteered, I told him I'd take whatever noone else wanted.  I was stunned to get Austria-Hungary.  Rumania and AH are to me the strongest 2 positions in the first year.

They can negotiate a quick settlement between them and both are grateful to do it (Kol is obviously Rumanian and sets up a nice DMZ).  Playing both sides of this, it's a no-brainer.  AH then negotiates a quick peace with Italy and both sit at stare at each other (Ven and Tri).  Year 1 is over and both have solidified their flanks and looking downhill (south).  AND, to add things up, both powers have southern neighbors that need to come to them with some settlement or get pinched between them.  This is an advantage in negotiations.  In this case, Rumania is in a more solid position, Ottoman(enemies on 2 sides) is safer than Greece(enemies on 3 sides), so Rumania can work with either Bulgaria or Ottoman, whichever seems better.  AH has a tougher road to slog, in my case I was lucky Rumania could throw an army (actually 2) my way.
I'd expect at some point a AH-R alliance to steamroll the board.  It could have happened this game, Mike and I simply didn't work it out well enough.  I thought he's appreciate me moving on Italy and alleviating the tension between us, he took it as time to stab me.  Lucky turn for Serbia.  I'd like to hear from Mike what actually happened, I have my suspicions he was just waiting on an excuse.
So some suggestions...increase the tension between AH and Rumania.  Maybe take out the SC in Kol and add 2, one in Tis and one in Tem.  I still like Sev as a home center for Rumania, I think that was suggested last time.  Rumania starts with F Sev, A Ias, A Con.  Agm is a little too far-reaching, what if it doesn't touch Nov?  I like the tension between Italy and AH as it is, I think a strong Italy and AH could either negotiate a solid alliance or be at each other's throats.  That seemed to play well.  AH has a natural inclination to move south, it's too hard for Serbia and AH to come to a reasonable accord.  Serbia naturally distrusts AH, if you play this game long enough you realize that in general, those downhill on the map distrust those uphill.  For some reason, AH and Serbia seem to have more tension between them than R-B.
Like the variant, MAYBE I'm coming to agree it's better off without Chaos builds.  BUT if you ever run it that way, PLEASE let me in.
And last, you get points for surviving?????
Who knew.

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