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Subject:< DC497 EUROPE 1615 - VIENNA UNDER SIEGE! >
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Posted:May 25, 2014 at 7:44 pm
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Vienna under siege! Austrians bravely hold off the Croatians from entering Vienna, but at the cost of Bohemia. Wallenstein's army disbands after retreat from the Battle of White Mountain near Prague. We can only assume that captain Albrecht von Wallenstein has retired from military service to his estates in Bohemia; Emperor Matthias must now consider the raising of a new army in the defense of Vienna. Historically, the Battle of White Mountain was fought in 1620 between the revolting Bohemians under Christian of Anhalt against Austrian Imperial forces led by Tilly and Wallenstein. The Empire would prevail. In 1626, Wallenstein would face off against Ernst von Mansfeld at the bridge of Dessau between Magdeburg and Dresden, as this was a route that the Danish needed to advance south. Mansfeld would be defeated. However, as we are in the business of gaming and rewriting history, it is now the Danish army under the command of Ernst von Mansfeld (?) that has conquered Bohemia this winter of 1616; and Danish hegemony and Protestantism is spreading fast.

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DC497 EUROPE 1615 - VIENNA UNDER SIEGE! (mmedeiros) May 25, 07:44 pm

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