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Posted:Sep 07, 2014 at 12:28 am
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Hello everyone. After a productive chat with Charles Feaux de la Croix, creator of 1648, I went back and made some changes to the rules of Europe 1615. Made some simplifications and reworked the rules on the game modifiers, now called 'sanctions'. Originally the sanctions were voted on by the players, but this didn't work as I had hoped. Now what I have is a set of rules reminiscent of card-driven games. Each player receives a randomly generated list (much like a dealing out of cards) that they may use each year to impose new rules/restrictions in the game. Although they are an optional component to the game, I'd still like to test them out. A new set of rules has also been created to deal with the Ottoman movements. Europe 1615 borrows ideas from Ambition & Empire, Payola, and an old diplomacy game called Origins of WW1. Anyhow, looking for a few folks to play-test the new mechanics.

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EUROPE 1615 - REWORKED (mmedeiros) Sep 07, 12:28 am

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