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Posted:Aug 16, 2013 at 10:34 am
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I previously posted this in the DVWorkshop yahoogroup, but I'd like to get comments here too.

I have wanted to create a variant covering Southeast Asia for many years, given the extremely interesting and fleet-oriented geography, and the lack of historical variants covering the area, so I gave it a shot. It is called Spice Islands Diplomacy, and a map with unit locations (and rules, though really the only notable rule change is Chaos-style builds) is below for your review.

I also realized that this variant was drawn to just about the same scale as the usual map for my Maharajah's Diplomacy variant, and was set at just about the same time period. The two variants overlapped a bit on one edge, so I decided to combine them for a large scale variant stretching from Indonesia to the Indian Subcontinent and the northwestern reaches of the Indian Ocean. It worked well, and a map of East Indies Diplomacy with unit locations and rules for your review is below as well.

Constructive criticism and suggestions are very welcome.

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