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Posted:Jan 27, 2015 at 7:40 am
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And here we go, with revisions to both maps based upon the results of the first playtest of Spice Islands.

The biggest change is the addition of a 7th Power (14th, for East Indies), Tondo, in the Philippine Islands. Changes have been made to the surrounding sea provinces as well. Also changed is the location of one of Majapahit's home Supply Centers, and there is a neutral dot, Negara Daha, inland in Borneo.

As always, I really welcome comments, and if anyone wants to run a playtest of either of these variants, please contact me.

This message is in reply to post 25678:

Made some revisions to the East Indies map (see the revised image in the first post. Specifically:

1. Arabian Sea and Yemen are now adjacent.
2. Laccadive Sea no longer borders Jaffna, Kandy or Nicobar Sea.
3. Southern Ocean has been combined with Maldive Sea, and also borders Tinnevelly and Pulicat.
4. Andaman Sea has been combined with Nicobar Sea (Tinnevelly no longer borders the combined province).
5. Changmai borders Arakan (Shan no longer borders Pegu).
6. Shan Borders Assam.
7. Ava has been made a Supply Center.
8. Jabalpur borders Bengal (Sambalpur no longer borders Benares).

These changes have been made mainly to increase interaction between the eastern and western Powers.

I am also strongly considering restoring the navigable rivers present in the Maharajah's subvariant, and adding the Mekong as a fourth navigable river, though I will probably not permit river convoys.

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