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Posted:Jan 27, 2015 at 7:55 am
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Where did u run it? I would be willing to play in Spice Islands if you were to run one here. Smile

Some suggestions...

* Remove the black space / Chinese Empire Impassible. The black is wasted space and not appealing. Maybe readjust the edge of your map and shift things lower, or block that off and put a title box in there.

* I said this before... I can't easily tell the small color dots. Having a minor color blindness, I would urge you to shade the zones with patterns and not just the dots. I really can't tell some of them apart and that aspect would be frustrating. I can barely tell the red from the green... it doesn't help that these are neighboring powers.

* Consider making the Philippines and other island spaces bigger, adding playability at the cost of accuracy.

This message is in reply to post 27392:

And here we go, with revisions to both maps based upon the results of the first playtest of Spice Islands.

The biggest change is the addition of a 7th Power (14th, for East Indies), Tondo, in the Philippine Islands. Changes have been made to the surrounding sea provinces as well. Also changed is the location of one of Majapahit's home Supply Centers, and there is a neutral dot, Negara Daha, inland in Borneo.

As always, I really welcome comments, and if anyone wants to run a playtest of either of these variants, please contact me.

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