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Subject:< DC121 Fall 1906 Results >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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We have some retreats for the first time in a while! Germany, Austria,
France let's have them by tomorrow, Wednesday the 14th, at 9 pm eastern
so that we can have Winter due on this Friday the 16th. The specifics
for the retreats are listed at the bottom of the adj.



Wes - Tyn: OK
NAf - Tun: OK
GoL - Mar: OK
Pie S Mun - Tyr: OK
Ven - Rom: OK
Ion - Gre: Bounce with Ser;

StP - Nwy: Bounce with Edi; Dislodged by Lvn 2:1;
Ber - Pru: OK
Mun - Tyr: OK
Kie - Den: OK
Ruh - Mun: OK
Bel - Hol: OK
Bur S GoL - Mar: OK
Bre H: OK

Mos S Lvn - StP: OK
Spa - Mar: Illegal; Dislodged by Gas 2:1;
Mar - Spa: Defeated by Gas 2:1; Dislodged by GoL 2:1;

Gas - Spa: OK
Por S Gas - Spa: OK
Lon H: OK
Edi - Nth - Nwy: Bounce with StP;
Nth C Edi - Nwy: OK

Tyr - Pie: Bounce with Pie; Dislodged by Mun 2:1;
Boh S Gal - Sil: OK
War S Gal - Sil: OK
Lvn - StP: OK
Gal - Sil: OK
Sev H: OK
Ser - Gre: Bounce with Ion;
Smy H: OK
Con - Aeg: OK
Tri - Ven: OK
Adr S Tri - Ven: OK

France disbands unit in Spa

Germany may retreat army in StP to: Fin

Austria may retreat army in Tyr to: Vie, Tri

France may retreat army in Mar to: Gas

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DC121 Fall 1906 Results (test_gm) Sep 13, 12:00 am

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