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Subject:< DC121 Fall 1906 Results Take 2 >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Missed Italy's second set of orders. It doesn't really affect much,
especially the retreats, so the deadline for those is still tonight so
that we can have winter on Friday before the weekend.



GoL - Mar: OK
Pie S Mun - Tyr: OK
Ven - Apu: OK
Wes - Tyn: OK
NAf - Tun: OK
Ion - Gre: Bounce with Ser;

StP - Nwy: Bounce with Edi; Dislodged by Lvn 2:1;
Bur S GoL - Mar: OK
Bre H: OK
Bel - Hol: OK
Kie - Den: OK
Ber - Pru: OK
Mun - Tyr: OK
Ruh - Mun: OK

Spa - Mar: Illegal; Dislodged by Gas 2:1;
Mar - Spa: Defeated by Gas 2:1; Dislodged by GoL 2:1;
Mos S Lvn - StP: OK

Edi - Nth - Nwy: Bounce with StP;
Nth C Edi - Nwy: OK
Lon H: OK
Gas - Spa: OK
Por S Gas - Spa: OK

Gal - Sil: OK
Boh S Gal - Sil: OK
War S Gal - Sil: OK
Sev H: OK
Lvn - StP: OK
Ser - Gre: Bounce with Ion;
Con - Aeg: OK
Smy H: OK
Tyr - Pie: Bounce with Pie; Dislodged by Mun 2:1;
Tri - Ven: OK
Adr S Tri - Ven: OK

France disbands unit in Spa

Germany may retreat army in StP to: Fin

Austria may retreat army in Tyr to: Vie, Tri

France may retreat army in Mar to: Gas

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DC121 Fall 1906 Results Take 2 (test_gm) Sep 13, 12:00 am

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