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Posted:Sep 07, 2010 at 1:01 pm
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Hi Sam,
Any update on the builds and next turn?
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From: Sam Buck [mailto:sam_buck_productions(at)me.com]
Sent: 30 August 2010 07:35
To: Dirk Knemeyer; DC310 Forum; Lee Clark; Stu Hobbs; Robert Choi
Subject: DC310 Retreats
My Internet has been dead for the last week, so SERIOUS apologies for the
Russian A Berlin to Prussia
Austria Disbands Bohemia
France Builds 3
Turkey Builds 2
Get me orders by Tuesday at Noon, Eastern time. I'll adjudicate early if I
get them early, as long as you don't tell me otherwise.
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Okay, so I have some bad news: we're going to have to replace Two countries. Since I'm going away on sunday and will only have limited email access, here's what we're going to do: Winter 1904 is going to be due Saturday at 9:00 ET. (48 hours from now). As soon as I run that, The game will get put up for recruitment. When I come back on the 23rd, We'll go ahead with Spring. 
England NMRs and Disbands F Nwy and F IriAustria Retreats Bud- Vie
Austria Removes 1England Builds 2Italy Removes 1Russia Builds 2 Turkey Builds 3
Orders due Saturday the 10th at 9:00 ET. I apologize for the absurd, inconsistant timing, but I'm not really sure who's quit the game and who's still in it.310Umbra-F1904B.jpg-Sam BuckYour GM

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