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(Ancient Med)

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Posted:Jul 25, 2012 at 10:44 pm
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War has broken out across the known world as the opportunistic Greek hoplites and the Roman legionaries look suspiciously towards each other, Carthage secures its claim to Leptis, while Egypt and Persia fight for positioning.  

The Fall 02 Orders will be due at 9:00pm US Central on 28 July, or 03:00 BST on 29 July.  Any errors or omissions, now or in the future, please let me know.


F Carthage - Berber Sea
F Thapsis - Gulf of TacapeA Phazania - LeptisF Numidia S A Phazania - Leptis

A Saguntum - Mauretenia 

F Alexandria - Egyptian Sea (*bounce*)A Memphis - Bayuda

F Cyrene - Gulf of SyrtisA Marmarica - Leptis (*fails*)

A Petra - Jerusalem (*bounce*)

A Dalmatia S A Macedonia - Illyria

A Macedonia - IllyriaA Byzantium - Miletus

F Athens S F Sparta - Ionian SeaF Sparta - Ionian SeaF Crete - Messenian Sea


F Antioch - Cicilian Strait
A Chersonesus - SinopeF Cyprus - Egyptian Sea (*bounce*)A Damascus - Arabia

F Sidon - Syrian SeaA Tyre - Jerusalem (*bounce*)


A Vindobona - VenetiaA Massilia - Rhaetia
F Ravenna - ApuliaF Roma - Tyrrhenian Sea
F Naples - Ausonian SeaF Sardinia - Ligurian Sea

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DC433 Spring 02 Orders (Zoterik) Jul 25, 10:44 pm

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