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(Ancient Med)

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Posted:Aug 21, 2012 at 2:39 pm
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Alright, sorry for the delay but we're back on track.  Following the Spring turn, certain Egyptian and Roman home centers are now under foreign occupation, thus-far unable to purge the hostile intent of the C/G/P triumvirate.  There are three retreating units this turn:  one Egyptian and two Roman.  The possible retreats are given below the orders.

Summer 04 retreats are due at 9:00pm US Central on 23 August, or 03:00 BST on 24 August.  Adjudication will take place upon receipt of all retreats, unless marked "provisional".  

F Berber Sea - Ligurian SeaF Gulf of Tacape - Libyan SeaA Leptis - Marmarica (*Bounce*)
F Ligurian Sea - MassiliaA Phazania - Marmarica (*Bounce*)F Punic Sea - Ausonian Sea (*Bounce*)
F Sardinia - Tyrrhenean SeaF Thapsus - Punic Sea (*Fails*)

 Egypt: F Alexandria Supports F Minoan Sea - Egyptian Sea (*Dislodged*)
A Bayuda - MemphisF Minoan Sea - Egyptian Sea (*Bounce*)A Thebes - Sinai (*Fails*)

 Greece: F Athens Supports F Sparta - Ionian Sea
A Epirus - DalmatiaF Messenian Sea - CreteA Miletus Hold
F Sparta - Ionian SeaF Tyrrhenean Sea - RomaA Vindobona Supports A Epirus - Dalmatia

 Persia: F Cyprus Supports F Sidon - Cilician Strait
F Egyptian Sea - AlexandriaF Gulf of Pelusium Supports F Egyptian Sea - AlexandriaA Jerusalem Supports A Petra - Sinai
A Nabatea - PetraA Petra - SinaiA Sarmatia - Illyria (*Bounce*)
F Sidon - Cilician StraitF Syrian Sea - Egyptian Sea (*Bounce*)

 Rome: F Adriatic Sea Convoys A Venetia - Epirus
F Apulia - NeapolisA Dalmatia - Illyria (*Dislodged*)F Ionian Sea Supports A Venetia - Epirus (*Dislodged*)
F Sicilia - Ausonian Sea (*Bounce*)A Venetia - Epirus

Retreats:Egyptian F Alexandria can retreat to Cyrene or OTB.Roman A Dalmatia can retreat to Venetia or OTB.
Roman F Ionian Sea can retreat to Apulia, Messenian Sea, or OTB.

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