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(Ancient Med)

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Posted:Sep 06, 2012 at 9:58 pm
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Well, this turn was certainly a break from the past few years.  Greece is the big loser in Year 5, and has all three retreats.  Get them in by 9:00pm CDT on 08 September or 03:00 BST on 09 September.  Egypt NMRed, but his fate was largely sealed already.  Pending the Winter turn, Egypt will be the first eliminated.  


F Ausonian Sea - NeapolisF Cyrene HoldF Etruria - RomaF Gulf of Syrtis Supports F Cyrene
A Leptis Supports F CyreneF Ligurian Sea Supports F Etruria - RomaA Marmarica - Memphis (*fails*)A Mauretania - SaguntumF Punic Sea - SiciliaF Tyrrhenean Sea Supports F Ausonian Sea - Neapolis


F Roma S F Neapolis (*disbanded*)F Neapolis S F Roma (*dislodged*)
F Ionian Sea - Messenian SeaF Epirus - Ionian Sea
A Vindobona S A DalmatiaA Dalmatia S A Vindobona
F Crete S F Ionian Sea - Messenian Sea (*dislodged*)A Miletus - Byzantium (*dislodged*)
F Macedonia - Byzantium (*bounce*)
F Alexandria - Libyan Sea

F Cilician Strait C A Sidon - Miletus
F Egyptian Sea S F Libyan Sea - Crete

A Gaul - Massilia
F Gulf of Pelusium - Alexandria

F Libyan Sea - Crete
A Memphis S A Thebes - Bayuda (*cut*)

F Minoan Sea S A Sidon - Miletus
A Sidon - Miletus
A Sinai - Thebes (*fails*)
A Thebes - Bayuda (*fails*)
A Illyria - Sarmatia
F Adriatic Sea - Venetia
Greek F Crete can retreat to Aegean Sea or OTB.Greek A Miletus can retreat to Galatia or Isauria or OTB.Greek F Neapolis can retreat to Apulia or OTB.Greek F Roma has no retreats, disbanded.

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DC433 Fall 05 Orders (Zoterik) Sep 06, 09:58 pm

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