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Posted:Sep 03, 2012 at 11:02 pm
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In the wake of the defeated draw proposal, a new proposal has emerged which is an identical copy of the first.  Please do submit your votes for the renewed C/E/P proposal along with our Fall 05 orders.  Egypt is now on the brink of elimination, while Rome is guaranteed survival to the next year; Ravenna is under no threat until some armies enter Italy, or the fleets overwhelm the last Roman admiral.  Three units were disbanded this turn.  F Cyrene had no retreat and was disbanded.  The other two (A Epirus and A Memphis) each had one retreat, so ordered (Illyria and Bayuda, respectively).  

The Fall 05 orders are due at 9:00pm US Central on 6 September, or 03:00 BST on 7 September.  Don't forget your vote!

 CarthageF Massilia - EtruriaF Tyrrhenian Sea - Ligurian Sea
F Sicilia - Aussonian SeaF Thapsis - Punic SeaA Cirta - Mauretania

F Libyan Sea - CyreneF Gulf of Tacape - Gulf of SyrtisA Leptis S F Libyan Sea - Cyrene

A Marmarica S F Libyan Sea - Cyrene
F Cyrene Holds (*disbanded*)
A Memphis S F Cyrene (*dislodged*)
A Vindobona S A Dalmatia
A Dalmatia S F Athens - EpirusA Miletus HoldsF Macedonia - Aegean Sea (*bounce*)
F Roma S F Ionian Sea - NeapolisF Sparta - Ionian SeaF Crete - Aegean Sea (*bounce*)
F Athens - EpirusF Ionian Sea - Neapolis
F Alexandria S A Thebes - MemphisF Antioch - Cilician StraitF Cilician Strait - Minoan Sea
F Egyptian Sea - Libyan SeaF Gulf of Pelusium S A Sinai - ThebesA Jerusalem - Sinai
A Rhaetia - GaulA Sidon HoldsA Sinai - ThebesF Syrian Sea - Egyptian Sea
A Thebes - Memphis
A Epirus - Macedonia (*dislodged*)F Adriatic Sea - Epirus (*fails*)

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