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Posted:Aug 11, 2012 at 7:35 am
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Alright, time for builds.  Dalmatia, Petra, Sardinia, and Vindobona changed hands this year.  Greece and Rome swapped their northern Balkan centers, Carthage takes Sardinia from Rome, and Persia takes Petra from Egypt.  Note: Greece is even on supply centers from last turn, but lost a unit and therefore receives a build.  Retreats are below, and adjustments are given below the retreats. 

Winter 03 Adjustments are due at 9:00pm US Central on 13 August, or 03:00 BST on 14 August. 

F Egyptian Sea - Minoan Sea

GreeceF Ionian Sea - AthensA Dalmatia - Epirus

RomeF Sardinia - Corsica

Carthage: +1 (CoolEgypt: 0 (4) 
Greece: +1 (7)Persia: +1 (9)
Rome: -1 (6)

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DC433 Autumn 03 Retreats (Zoterik) Aug 11, 07:35 am

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