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Posted:Sep 15, 2013 at 6:15 pm
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Land Bridges:
This game of Colonial is based on the Moulmein Convention, so land bridges have been added between Otaru and Akita, and Sakalin and Otaru.

Optional Rules:

The Trans-Siberian Railroad
Even though the Trans-Siberian Railroad was opened in 1903, it plays an important role in Colonial Diplomacy (1870). The Trans-Siberian railroad (TSR) stretches from Moscow to Vladivostok, and can only be used by the Russian player. It is used to move from any space along the railroad to another one. Orders are written with the TSR as a "first target" for the move. The move of A Mos to Vla is written: "A Mos - TSR - Vla".

Units using the TSR may travel "through" other Russian units along the TSR. However, if a unit of another nationality blocks the way of a unit using the TSR, the TSR unit will stand off as normal at the place it is blocked. Example: Russia moves A Mos - TSR - Vla. China moves A Mon - Kra. There will be a stand-off in Kra. The chinese army bounces back to Mon. The russian army stops in Omsk.

Units using the TSR can attack another space (with support, if needed) along the TSR if
1. The province is unoccupied at the start of the turn.
2. The province is occupied at the start of the turn, but is made empty by other moves during that turn.

This means that if Russia orders a unit to Vladivostok from Moscow and supports it, the Chinese army in Vladivostok will still not be forced to retreat as long as it holds in Vladivostok. Units using the TSR can not attack occupied spaces. It is still a legal order, since China may leave Vladivostok in the same given turn. If the unit stays, the Russian army will end up in Irkutsk.

Egypt and The Suez Canal
The Suez Canal allows fleets to move directly from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, without first passing through Egypt. This is only possible if allowed by a unit standing in Egypt. This unit must start and end the turn in Egypt in order to make the fleet move legal. The move must also be granted permission by the unit standing in Egypt. This is no big deal if for example Turkey has a unit in Egypt and a fleet in the Mediterranean which he moves to the Red Sea. But if another power wants to use the Suez canal, the unit in Egypt must specify that it gives its permission.

This is done by simply writing a support order for the move. F Egy s ENGLISH F REDS - MEDS.

Egypt has the same function as Kiel, Constantinople or Denmark in standard dip. It is concidered having a continous coast towards both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a British home supply center. It counts as a supply center for any country except China. If China is in possession of Hong Kong, it counts as a non-supply neutral territory.

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