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(Standard (Winter 1900))

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Posted:Feb 04, 2014 at 2:57 am
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Bad news for the one-centre powers this turn.  Both face elimination as their capitals are now occupied.  England was disbanded from London after the French invasion, and with no place to retreat the fate of the English now rests in France abandoning London in the fall.  On the other side of Europe, Moscow falls to the Germans.  Russia does get a retreat, but again existence is in the hands of the occupiers.  In other news, Austria may have gained the upper hand over Turkey by taking Sevastopol, while France and Germany continued to stalemate along the Maginot Line. 

I'd like to have the retreat as soon as possible, preferably within twenty-four hours. 


A Ukraine - Sevastopol

A Rumania S A Ukraine - Sevastopol
A Serbia - Bulgaria (*bounce*)

A Albania - Greece (*bounce*)
F Trieste - Adriatic Sea (*fails*)

F Naples - Ionian Sea (*bounce*)
A Tyrolia - Vienna
A Venice Hold

F London - North Sea (*disbanded*)


A Yorkshire - London

F Wales S A Yorkshire - London
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - English Channel

F Irish Sea S F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - English Channel
A Picardy S A Burgundy
A Burgundy S A Picardy

A Brest S A Picardy


A Warsaw - Moscow
A Livonia S A Warsaw - Moscow

A Berlin - Silesia
F Norwegian Sea - Norway

F English Channel - North Sea
F Edinburgh S F English Channel - North Sea

A Belgium - Burgundy (*fails*)
A Munich S A Belgium - Burgundy

A Kiel S A Munich
A Holland - Belgium (*fails*)

A Moscow - Sevastopol (*dislodged*)


F Greece - Ionian Sea (*bounce*)

F Adriatic Sea S F Greece - Ionian Sea (*cut*)
A Bulgaria - Greece (*fails*)

F Aegean Sea S A Bulgaria - Greece
A Constantinople - Bulgaria (*fails*)

F Black Sea S A Constantinople - Bulgaria

English F London has no valid retreats, disbanded.
Russian A Moscow can retreat to St. Petersburg or Ukraine.

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