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(Standard (Winter 1900))

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Posted:Mar 27, 2014 at 9:49 am
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Looking at the final map, it looks like we had a fairly quiet year.  But France emerges from a dangerous Spring looking quite well, although a disbanded fleet might give Germany the edge in the Atlantic.  Furthermore, both Austria and France tried to move into the north Atlantic, most likely to outflank Germany, but the resulting bounce leaves both out-of-place.  Germany also captured the Austrian capital, but in doing so may have made himself weak in the east.  Still, Germany grows by one to come within four centres of the solo, but it will be a long and hard fight to that end.

The draw proposal has failed.

Retreating units can be ordered OTB within twenty-four hours from the sending of this message.  Winter 1911 adjustments are due 30 March at 08:00 GMT.

Austrian A Vienna can retreat to Budapest, so ordered.
French F Skagerrak has no retreats, disbanded.

German A London can retreat to Yorkshire, so ordered.


A Budapest - Galicia

A Vienna S A Budapest - Galicia (*dislodged*)
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - North Atlantic Ocean (*bounce*)

F Tunis - Western Mediterranean

F Adriatic Sea - Ionian Sea
A Serbia - Trieste

A Greece Hold
A Rumania Hold
A Bulgaria S A Rumania

A Venice Hold


F North Sea - London
F English Channel S F North Sea - London

F Wales S F North Sea - London
F Skagerrak - North Sea (*disbanded*)

A Gascony - Burgundy
A Paris S A Gascony - Burgundy
A Marseilles - Piedmont

F Irish Sea - North Atlantic Ocean (*bounce*)


A Galicia - Vienna
A Tyrolia S A Galicia - Vienna

A Munich - Bohemia
A Ruhr - Munich

F Yorkshire - Edinburgh
F Norway - North Sea (*bounce*)

F Sweden - Skagerrak
F Denmark S F Sweden - Skagerrak

A Belgium Hold
A Holland S A Belgium

A London Hold (*dislodged*)
A Sevastopol Hold
A Ukraine S A Sevastopol


F Ionian Sea - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Armenia Hold
A Constantinople Hold

Austria: -1 (9)

France: +1 (Cool

Germany: +1 (14)
Turkey: 0 (3)

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