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(Standard (Winter 1900))

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Posted:Feb 18, 2014 at 1:52 am
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There has been a dramatic de-escalation of the conflict in the Balkans.  Judging by the German orders, something was afoot, but Turkey backed out and chose the anti-German-solo effort.  Not much moves, although Germany is able to convoy an army to Scotland for use in pacifying the whole of Britain.  However, things largely seem to have slowed down, and we have a draw proposal to concern ourselves with.

The EoG Proposal in question is a DIAS, 4-way draw.  As usual, to pass it is required that all active players vote yes.  The deadline for this proposal is Winter 1909, but if I receive four "aye" votes before then I'll halt the game immediately.  Aside from that, we'll continue as usual, and that includes retreats.  We have one retreat needed from Germany for his A Galicia, due within twenty-four hours.

German A Galicia can retreat to Bohemia or Warsaw.


A Budapest - Galicia
A Vienna S A Budapest - Galicia

A Rumania - Ukraine (*fails*)
A Sevastopol S A Rumania - Ukraine (*cut*)
A Venice - Tyrolia

F Trieste - Adriatic Sea
A Albania - Trieste
F Naples Hold

A Serbia Hold


F English Channel - North Sea (*fails*)

F London S F English Channel - North Sea
F Brest - English Channel (*fails*)

A Yorkshire - Edinburgh (*fails*)
F Irish Sea - Liverpool

A Burgundy Hold
A Paris S A Burgundy

A Picardy S A Burgundy


A Holland - Edinburgh

F Clyde S A Holland - Edinburgh
F North Sea C A Holland - Edinburgh

F Norwegian Sea S F North Sea
A Kiel - Holland

A Belgium - Burgundy
A Munich S A Belgium - Burgundy

A Ruhr S A Belgium - Burgundy
A Berlin - Silesia

A Moscow - Sevastopol
A Galicia S Tur F Black Sea - Rumania (*dislodged*)

A Ukraine S Tur F Black Sea - Rumania (*void*)


F Aegean Sea - Ionian Sea
F Black Sea - Constantinople

A Armenia S Aus A Sevastopol
A Bulgaria S Aus A Rumania (*ordered to move*)

F Greece S A Bulgaria

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