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(Standard (Winter 1900))

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Posted:Feb 10, 2014 at 12:58 pm
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This is the season of risky moves, or so it seems.  France leaves London, and Germany leaves Moscow, but both moves are followed up by unsupported and unopposed moves to complete the elimination of England and Russia.  A big thank you to Kevin and Herman for sticking it out to the end after finding themselves in difficult situations.  But this is the turn that Germany opens up a big three-centre lead over the best contender, combining the gain of Moscow with the build he couldn't use last time.  The Germans have strength in Ukraine and will definitely be involved in the southern conflict, but on what side?  Does Turkey have a friend?  In the west, the lines of conflict between Germany and France remain the same as they have been for some time, and we will see if Germany can gain the advantage with the fleet in Norwegian Sea.  Is this the beginning of a solo bid?  Too early to tell, I suspect, but Germany is the player to watch. 

No retreating units, adjustments below the orders.

Winter 1908 deadline is 13 February.


A Vienna - Budapest
F Naples - Ionian Sea (*bounce*)

F Trieste - Adriatic Sea (*fails*)
A Albania - Greece (*fails*)

A Rumania S A Sevastopol
A Sevastopol S A Rumania
A Serbia S A Rumania
A Venice Hold


A London - Yorkshire
F Wales - London

F Irish Sea - Clyde (*invalid*)

F English Channel - North Sea (*fails*)
A Brest - Paris
A Burgundy S A Picardy

A Picardy S A Burgundy


A Moscow - Ukraine
A Livonia - Moscow

A Silesia - Galicia
A Kiel - Ruhr
A Munich S A Kiel - Ruhr

F Norway - Norwegian Sea
F Edinburgh - Clyde
A Belgium Hold

A Holland S A Belgium
F North Sea S A Belgium (*cut*)

A Constantinople - Armenia

F Black Sea C A Constantinople - Armenia

F Adriatic Sea - Ionian Sea (*bounce*)
F Greece S F Adriatic Sea - Ionian Sea (*cut*)
A Bulgaria S F Greece
F Aegean Sea S A Bulgaria


Austria +1 (9)
France +1 (Cool
Germany +2 (12)

Turkey -1 (5)

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