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(Standard (Winter 1900))

Subject:< DC464 Fall 1912, Autumn 1912, and FINALE 
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Posted:Apr 13, 2014 at 12:19 pm
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Gentlemen!  I have received four Aye votes for the DIAS proposal, and thus Europe shall have peace!  Germany sits atop the leaderboard at thirteen centres, while Austria and France each end on nine, and Turkey makes do with three.  The end may have come just in the nick of time for Germany, as an Austrian fleet took Constantinople, but this may easily have been little more than a centre swap with Turkey (who took Naples) to get the fleet into the Black Sea.  I suspect that if the game had continued, Austria may have stood the best chance of winning the solo, but as it is, it ends on a hard-fought and well-deserved DIAS.  My congratulations to all of you! 

I would also like to express my gratitude for Herman and Wladimir, who stepped into difficult situations as replacements for Russia and Italy, respectively.  Kevin (England) also deserves our appreciation for fighting to the last man after a disastrous 1904. 

This game lasted for nearly eight months, which is a long time by the standards of Standard Diplomacy.  Thank you for your patience and your energy, and for the pleasure of your company.  I look forward to seeing you again in future games, whether as player or GM.  I would be very interested to hear the AARs of all players involved in this game, to know about your perspectives and thoughts about the game as it developed, and also if there is any way I might improve as a GM.

F Aegean Sea - Constantinople

A Budapest Supports A Rumania
A Bulgaria Supports F Aegean Sea - Constantinople
A Greece - Serbia
F North Atlantic Ocean Supports F Liverpool - Clyde (*Cut*)
A Rumania Hold
A Trieste - Tyrolia
A Venice Supports A Trieste - Tyrolia

A Vienna Hold (*Dislodged*)

A Burgundy Supports A Picardy - Belgium
F English Channel Supports A Picardy - Belgium
F Liverpool - Clyde (*Bounce*)

F London - Yorkshire (*Bounce*)
A Paris Supports A Burgundy
A Picardy - Belgium
A Piedmont Supports A Trieste - Tyrolia
F Wales - London (*Fails*)


A Belgium Hold (*Disbanded*)
A Bohemia Supports A Tyrolia - Vienna
F Denmark Supports F North Sea
F Edinburgh - Clyde (*Bounce*)
A Galicia - Rumania (*Fails*)
A Holland - Yorkshire (*Bounce*)
F North Sea Convoys A Holland - Yorkshire

F Norwegian Sea - North Atlantic Ocean (*Fails*)
A Prussia - Berlin
A Ruhr Supports A Belgium
A Sevastopol Supports A Galicia - Rumania
A Silesia - Munich
A Tyrolia - Vienna
A Warsaw - Ukraine


A Armenia - Smyrna
A Constantinople Supports A Armenia - Smyrna (*Dislodged*)
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Naples

Austrian A Vienna - Budapest
Turkish A Constantinople - Ankara

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