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(Discuss your favorite Diplomacy variants, new concepts, and technical challenges.)

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Posted:Mar 27, 2014 at 8:15 pm
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Just sent not to current GM asking for permission. Once I get it, I'll give it a go! Cool

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Looking for two willing players to try a challenging variant, Europe 1615 (RE002). This variant is the third version with adapted ideas from the A&E variant, Payola, and Formal Diplomacy (and others). Previous play-testing went quite well, and the majority of players have returned for another round and are eager to get it started. We are in need of two more. Thanks for your attention.

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PLAYTESTING EUROPE 1615 DIPLOMACY VARIANT (mmedeiros) Mar 22, 07:09 pm

PLAYTESTING EUROPE 1615 DIPLOMACY VARIANT (fishmo01) Mar 27, 08:15 pm

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