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Posted:Nov 18, 2014 at 11:36 pm
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Oceania DC508\SPRING/2008 Press!====================================================Oceania is a seven player Diplomacy variant designed by Frank Bacher.  
GM: Note I have the only adjudicator which can 100% handle this game because of its no retreat to hop-able Island option. Running an Oceania gunboat game has been very helpful in seeing how the balance of power works.
This game is based on ww2; as such it can not have a well balanced map as that would require a wrap around map where powers like Japan could strike at New Zealand, Indonesia at France etc.  This means that the exposed powers like Marshall_Islands need direct diplomacy to have any real chance at survival.
To handle this problem I am thinking about offering a Grey press game with a treaty option after Diplomaticcorp's Winter Blitz is over.  Purists do not like Grey press where a byline is reserved for each country. But I also wish to run a much improved dependent Diplomacy Bond Market game and for that Grey Press would work best. I have finished re-coding the first section of the code such that almost any input, even compound names with (-) or (.) can be handled. So lets see if it passes the Indonesian test this turn.      ===========================================================Oceania DC508\SPRING/2009 Press!===========================================================    6) The map changes to weaken Japan strengthened Indonesia.  The original map was more balanced. GM: I played this game as Japan and walked away with game even without an ally. So I disagree.     5) Australia gave this game to Indonesia when he didn't support Japan versus Indonesia.  No one else could've stopped Indonesia but Australia.    4)Australia gave this game to Indonesia when he didn't support Japan versus Indonesia.  No one else could've stopped Indonesia but Australia.    3) Australia to all. Correct I loose, all but Indonesia loose. But it started when I when I went from 1O to 9 and Indo grew to 11 and France with friends still hammered at me and looked upon me as the main enemy even when Indo could expand unhindered. So please be realistic.     2) Too Late it is over, OZ Loses    1) New Zealand to Australia: Do you now see the obvious?Will you at least try to stop the solo? I will not take yourdots and will support you to hold Indonesia, but you must communicate your intentions.===========================================================

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