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Posted:Nov 20, 2014 at 7:00 pm
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Next deadline is for Fall/Winter 2009 on Sunday NOV 23/2014 at 1800MT.=================================================================Oceania DC508\SPRING-SUMMER/2009 Press!    
GM: Indonesia closes in on A cai, and takes control of coi from Australia. The battle for coi,ssi could well decide the game. Australia re-occupies ssi and nou! Zealand fleets leave home waters! Maj, smi, hon, pho and ava are all hot spots!
    GM: For once I have game adjudicated by 1800 deadline!    Player: Just for my info, what does GAB stand for?        GAB, Great Australian Bight    GM: Sounds like a name Australians would use.    Player: Of course, thanks. -----------------------------------------------------------------    Oceania DC508\SPRING-SUMMER/2009 Player Press!    Cool France to Australia , this game is over - most likely. However as far as it concerns me I'll do my best to help you. I won't attack any of your SC ( except for ava which is my home). If you need any help please ask. , Though it is a nice win by Indonesia, no doubt.        7) New Zealand to all:  Am I missing something? Indonesia at least has to make a good guess to win this.    6) Marshall Islands - OZ-bashers: What silly comments you make. As Australia rightfully tells us, we all lose and we all could've done something against Indonesia. If USA & I had left each other alone, if France had stopped attacking Australia, if Japan had played something else than his own game, we could've stopped Indonesia easily. I applaud Indonesia and wonder how much of the fake press was his/hers.        5) The map changes to weaken Japan strengthened Indonesia.  The original map was more balanced. GM: I played this game as Japan and walked away with game even without an ally. So I disagree.        4)Australia gave this game to Indonesia when he didn't support Japan versus Indonesia.  No one else could've stopped Indonesia but Australia.        3) Australia to all. Correct I loose, all but Indonesia loose. But it started when I when I went from 1O to 9 and Indo grew to 11 and France with friends still hammered at me and looked upon me as the main enemy even when Indo could expand unhindered. So please be realistic.        2) Too Late it is over, OZ Loses    1) New Zealand to Australia: Do you now see the obvious? Will you at least try to stop the solo? I will not take your dots and will support you to hold Indonesia, but you must communicate your intentions.    =================================================================Oceania DC508HP\Spring-Summer/2009-----------------------------------------------------------------    SPRING TROOP MOVEMENT      Australia        : A sci-ssi,A ntu-kir,[F SCO-NCO],[F sfi-SAS]                   A tow-cai,A van-nou,[A fij-sci],F COS S F ava                   F ava HFrance           : [F SSP-ava],[F EFS-SAS],A soi S F SSP-ava                   A tog S A stu,[A stu S A sci]                  {Action Error: A stu S A sci}Indonesia        : A tim-noa,[F TUS-sci],F jay-pmo,A nsi-coi                   A emi-nsi,A wci-emi,F EAM-PAS,F WEM-EAM                   F kwa-WEM,F maj-KIS,F WIS-WHS                   F ARS C A tim-noa,F per S A tim-noa                   F TOS S A nsi-coi,[F NCO S A nsi-coi]                   A sor H ,A mid HJapan            : [A hon-mid]Marshall_Islands : A pho-majUsoa             : F chr HZealand          : F WNZ-NIS,F STS-GAB,F NTS-syd,F kei H    -----------------------------------------------------------------    TROOP MOBILIZATION RETREATS SU/2009:        NONE!-----------------------------------------------------------------    SUMMER TROOP STATUS      Australia        ( 9): F ava, A cai, F COS, A fij, A kir, A nou                       F SCO, F sfi, A ssiFrance           ( 5): F EFS, A soi, F SSP, A stu, A togIndonesia        (17): F ARS, A coi, F EAM, A emi, F KIS, A mid                       F NCO, A noa, A nsi, F PAS, F per, F pmo                       A sor, F TOS, F TUS, F WEM, F WHSJapan            ( 1): A honMarshall_Islands ( 1): A majUsoa             ( 1): F chrZealand          ( 4): F GAB, F kei, F NIS, F sydTotal =          ( 3Cool    -----------------------------------------------------------------    SUPPLY CENTER STATUS    SU\2009          |# SC|  [HOME SUPPLY CENTER] (BUILD CENTER)  =================================================================Australia        |( 9)|[AUST,cai,bri,coi](ava),fij,hob,nou,sci                        ssiFrance           |( 5)|[FRAN,pap,pit],mar,stu,togIndonesia        |(1Cool|[INDO,jay,sor,tim][JAPA,man,ryu,nsh]                        [MARS,kwa,smi,maj],dav,eci,mau,mid,per                        pmo,sam,wak,wciJapan            |( 1)|,honMarshall_Islands |( 1)|,phoUsoa             |( 1)|[USOA,chr]Zealand          |( 4)|[ZEAL,chc,wel,kei],chaNeutral          |( 0)|=================================================================Total =           ( 39)    =================================================================RULES AND DEADLINE    -----------------------------------------------------------------    Deadlines    Will be every Thursday (spring/summer) and Sunday (fall/winter) at 1800MT Calgary time.    Winter Builds/Removals will be stretched to no later than Tuesday if necessary.    Next deadline is for Fall/Winter 2009 on Sunday NOV 23/2014 at 1800MT.    -----------------------------------------------------------------    Adjudication    Players Use Anticipated retreats and builds!  They may be placed in brackets after orders;-    ssi-coi Fall/Winter Builds will be made as encountered in list;        [BUILD: F coi,F cai, A bri]

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Oceania DC508\SPRING-SUMMER/2009 Results! Fall/Winter 2009 now due! (hapolley) Nov 20, 07:00 pm

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