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Posted:Mar 02, 2016 at 5:58 pm
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The 4 Sail Ho gunboat games are either over or close now. I've liked Colonial (had the board game a while ago) ever since the Old Moulmein Pagoda provisos added. They are on RP map. Willing to do a Chaos instead but - amazing those who well know my brutal push to get moves in the last 16 PBEM yrs & decades of snail before - all must realize there is no fooling in Chaos. You have 1 d**n unit to start & few for quite a while so no way I'm chasing. The due date goes up & whatever is in then happens. Colonial would be more relaxed especially as I have found 1 of my long-locked Yahoo mail folder sorts collects items with 'COL' in the subject so easy. Can't look sort up but now know what 3 of them are incl the Cat1252 'gunboat' Smile

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