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Posted:Mar 30, 2016 at 8:15 pm
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You can also drop me a line here if you want more information!

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PREAMBLE: This is an open call for players to join a variant that plans to be run on another site; a variant that is not supported here. If this post is not acceptable, please remove it and accept my apology.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ever thought about having a true multi-player victory, as opposed to settling for yet another DIAS? Give New World Order (NWO) a try. Some limited implementations of NWO exist on various sites. However, to experience the full PBEM format, a live GM is required.

Sendric, a veteran GM, is starting a game on Redscape, though you do not have to be a member on that site to play. If you are interested, send an email to sendric [at] gmail [dot] com. To see the complete rules, an overview, and FAQ, go to http://www.sendric.com/diplomacy/?page_id=32.

VARIANT SUMMARY: NWO is a global variant, supporting 40+ players. The game is NOT balanced. While NWO heavily favors some countries it does try and balance this out with its unique coalition victory conditions. The game represents a modern world view. Some powers are huge, while others have one single center to start.

Victory is attained by a coalition of three players that collectively has the requisite number of centers. Coalitions are not necessarily alliances. The number of centers needed to win is based on the class type of each coalition member, encouraging larger powers to join up with smaller powers. Several coalitions will seek victory, but only one can win. The qualifying coalition that gets the most votes from all players wins. Did I forget to mention nukes and planes?
Send Sendric an email and join up!

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New World Order Variant Call for Players (georgekatkins) Mar 30, 08:15 pm

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