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Subject:< Resend: DC270: Winter 1906 Results >
Topic:< dc270 >
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Posted:Dec 31, 2009 at 3:44 am
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Darryl Good <dipknight(at) ([email]dipknight(at)[/email])>
Date: Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 2:43 AM
Subject: Re: DC270: Fall 1906 Results
To: aefgirt7(at) ([email]aefgirt7(at)[/email]), chaosonejoe(at) ([email]chaosonejoe(at)[/email]), ianxshaw(at) ([email]ianxshaw(at)[/email]), josepayne(at) ([email]josepayne(at)[/email]), bwhotmale1(at) ([email]bwhotmale1(at)[/email]), dc270(at) ([email]dc270(at)[/email]), psychosis(at) ([email]psychosis(at)[/email]), Jack McHugh <jwmchughjr(at) ([email]jwmchughjr(at)[/email])>

GM’s remarks:
It seems that my point has been made; I have received a fair amount of mail from all of you that that the Deadlines should be mandatory (per the game rules).
Here are a few things that might help; one, if negotiations are taking longer than you expected, please, ask for an extension.  Don’t leave me in the dark wondering why you have not sent in orders.  Two, keep me informed of your absences.  If I know you are not going to be available, I can set an appropriate deadline around your absences. Three, it doesn’t hurt anything to send in preliminary orders (what you think your orders will be) at the beginning of the season and then follow them with final orders before the end of the season.
At this point, we will resume as we were before; the deadlines are mandatory and you will be automatically removed if you NMR more than once.
The Players:
Austria:      Dan Huck                   aefgirt7(at) ([email]aefgirt7(at)[/email])     
England:    Jack McHugh             jwmchughjr(at) ([email]jwmchughjr(at)[/email])
France:      Michael Thompson    psychosis(at) ([email]psychosis(at)[/email])
Germany:  Joe Babinsack           chaosonejoe(at) ([email]chaosonejoe(at)[/email])
Italy:           Ian Shaw                   ianxshaw(at) ([email]ianxshaw(at)[/email])
Russia:       Joe Payne                 josepayne(at) ([email]josepayne(at)[/email]) 
Turkey:       Brandon Wade          bwhotmale1(at) ([email]bwhotmale1(at)[/email])
The Orders:

   Build A tri
   Build A vie
   Build A bud
   Eliminated Winter 1906
   No Orders Required
   Build A ber
   Build A rom
   Remove F cly (*Illegal Orders*)
   Defaults, removing F liv
   No Orders Required
   None Required
Centers and Unit Positions:
   Centers (11) bud bul gre nap rum ser sev tri tun vie war

   Units: A bud F bul(sc) A gal F nap A rum A sev A tri A trl A ukr A vie A war
   Build/Disband: 0
   Eliminated Winter 1906
   Centers (1): por
   Units: F mao
   Build/Disband: 0
   Centers (10): bel ber bre den edi hol kie lon mun par

   Units: A ber A boh A bre F edi F eng A gas F iri A mun F pru A sil
  Build/Disbands: 0
   Centers (4): mar rom spa ven

   Units: A mar A rom F spa(sc) A ven
   Build/Disband: 0
   Centers: (6): ank lvp mos nwy stp swe

   Units: A ank A arm F bla A lvn A mos F nwg
   Build/Disband: 0
   Centers (2): con smy
   Units: F con A smy
   Build/Disband: 0

1907 Spring Orders: Thursday; January 7, 2010, 24:00 Hrs GMT
Maps of the orders and results, and the dpy file are attached for your use. 

Best of luck in the next season,
                                              Darryl (GM)

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