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Posted:Feb 19, 2010 at 8:37 am
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I have not heard from Dan (Austria); either in response to the public vote for a German Solo or with order for the current season.  However, as Dan has now missed two deadlines, house rules are that I replace him.  Still, due to the fact that Germany can occupy two supplies this season . . . and I see no way a new Austria would be able to change the out come, I am reluctant to get a replacement just to end the game the way we all know it will end anyway.

Therefore, I have decided to remove Austria from the game and call it a unanimous vote for the German Solo.  Congratulations, Joe on the victory.

At this point it is of interest to hear how the game developed for each of you in End-of-Game statements.  If you are not familiar with this, please take the time to review the game (I have attached the dpy file for your use, or you can see the progression of the game by using the slide show feature on the DiplomaticCorp site).  Try to remember where key actions occurred during the game and explain why you did what you did . . . when you did it (I hope that makes sense).  Also, try to view things from the view of the other players who will be interested in why you stabbed them when you did . . . or why you did not follow a particular agreement or another.  If you were with this game from the beginning, remember that some action you took early in the game will be of interest to others as well; so, don't just look at the last few years but all the way back to the beginning . . . if possible.  If you are a replacement player, please explain the situation when you joined the game and what influenced you to play the way you did . . . or didn't.

Congratulations again to Joe on the German Solo victory and I look forward to reading your EOG Statements.

Darryl (GM: DC270)

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