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Posted:Feb 20, 2010 at 5:51 pm
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Thanks for all the congrats earlier in the week, and the votes for the solo.

Ironically, I started the game figuring this would be a short one for me. In the first week, no responses from either France or England, and that tends to mean bad news for Germany. I figured agressive was the only way to play, and secured assurances from Russia and Austria that we wouldn't have any border issues.

That first turn had the deadline situation, and I for one wasn't going to sit for another week, figuring my two belligerent neighbors were already against me. I did get a late message from England, but wasn't sure what to make of it.

Denmark and Holland were obvious, and I figured I'd take a chance at Belgium for a third build. Italy did me a favor by threatening Marseilles, and I took the risk in the lowlands, still thinking EF alliance (but at the time figuring there was a strange lack of communication.)

Grabbing three that early put a target on me, but I was also clearly at war with EF, and both Austria and Russia seemed to be playing nice ... there was a strong sense of short term alliance with Austria (But also a sense that we'd stab each other once we could) and a general sense of agreement with Russia, with the strong anti-bear moves by England.

I tried to play out England and France, and figured France to be my target, and would work with Russia against England as much as possible. I just don't comprehend the French moves in 1902. I figured a stalemate would occur, and moved into Gascony at the opportunity. I believe I tried to woo Italy, but the Southeast was nicely active, keeping me from being pulled into any sense of a Russia-Austria war.

Austria and Italy were hot for Tyrolia, and I made some promises I simply could not keep, playing them against each other. My Munich Army was mostly stationary, but was a defensive and support pillar of strength for me. Because of the I/A dynamics, I was happy to sit and watch them and play along. Meanwhile E/R were battling nicely in the north, and I was trying to grind out France. But I did leap at the opportunity to grab the North Sea, and lead England into alliance thoughts against Russia.

Russia turned the tide against England, and warned me of a build in Warsaw. I had concerns there, as I was hip-deep against France, and committed against England, and could have been squeezed. But still, Italy was looking to gain in Marseilles, and that was an easy promise to make -- a support. Thankfully, Russian held true to his word and moved against Austria. I sensed more than just distrust between A/R, and figured to promise enough to both to stay out of it, just as I had done with I/A.

At this point, I figured Austria to be well committed to not be a threat, but was annoying Italy more in that corner. I just wanted to grind out France and England. I was starting to count centers by 1905, and was eyeballing Russia's gains and Italy's potential in Iberia.

When the new French player came on, I made an offer I don't like, but basically said 'give me Brest and one center from Iberia and I'd leave him alone to fight Italy. He didn't take it, but I didn't mind. At that point, I was going to grind him down.

Around this time, England snuck into Holland, and Russia looked to be gaining English home centers, so I had some concern about my pacing. But Austria gained ground fast against Russia. Dan made one DMZ (Silesia) in his war against Russia. I was content to see them all-out war, and figured I'd get involved if and when I had to.

I felt the turning point of the game was when Dan then moved to Silesia to position for Warsaw. While he did request the move, it clearly voided our agreement, and at that point, I sided with Russia in principle, and ousted the Austrian army.

For whatever reason, the heat between Russia and Austria grew high, and I made deals with Russia about English Territories, trading for position purposes. Russia was hopelessly split in half, and I could see him crumbling, and offered as much support as possibly, and gladly accepted his offer of a slow retreat, where I could pick up centers from him.

At that point, I could sense that patience would bring me Iberia, and I could seize Scandanavia almost at will. It was strange that Turkey made it seem like the game was Austria's to win, but I saw no way Dan could out-race me for centers. Yet, my position was still just good/very good, and that kept me enough under the radar.

The stalemate line was set against Austria, and Italy proved effective in holding his centers. And then, I saw that I had an opening in North Africa, and swung an Army down there as I finally grabbed Marseilles from Italy.

There was no agreement with France, but I figured if he didn't support Italy on the way out, I'd keep him alive. Russia did throw me a center early, but after that, there was really no way he could have held me off. Once Austria broke him in half, the game was rather sealed for me -- all I had to do was help avoid a complete Russian collapse, and there was no way Austria could eat up Russia and Turkey when I had already consumed England and France and was only a few centers away from 18.

It was great playing with everyone, and kudos to Darryl for GMing.

Joe Babinsack

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