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Subject:< DC270: Spring 1908 Results >
Topic:< dc270 >
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Posted:Jan 28, 2010 at 9:13 pm
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GM’s remarks:
Ian has reported his computer has crashed and it will be necessary for him to get a new one.  I have no idea how long this purchase will take and my inquiry back to Ian generated no response. I would like to give Ian until Monday evening to get back to us for his retreat; otherwise, as Italy no longer occupies any of its home supplies and it is likely to have less than 3 resources after this fall, Italy shall fall in to Civil Disorder.
The Players:
Austria:     Dan Huck                   aefgirt7(at) ([email]aefgirt7(at)[/email])     
England:   Jack McHugh              jwmchughjr(at) ([email]jwmchughjr(at)[/email])
France:      Michael Thompson    psychosis(at) ([email]psychosis(at)[/email])
Germany:  Joe Babinsack            chaosonejoe(at) ([email]chaosonejoe(at)[/email])
Italy:         Ian Shaw                     ianxshaw(at) ([email]ianxshaw(at)[/email])
Russia:      Joe Payne                    josepayne(at) ([email]josepayne(at)[/email]) 
Turkey:     Brandon Wade            bwhotmale1(at) ([email]bwhotmale1(at)[/email])
The Orders:
   A bud - ser
   F bul(sc) Supports F con
   A gal - war (*Fails*)
   F nap Supports A ven - rom
   A rum Supports A sev
   A sev Supports A ukr (*Cut*)
   A tri - ven
   A trl - boh (*Fails*)
   A ukr Supports A sev
   A ven - rom
   A vie Supports A trl - boh
   Eliminated Winter 1906
   F por Hold
   F bal - bot
   A ber - sil
   A boh Supports A mun (*Cut*)
   A bre - naf
   A gas Supports A pie - mar
   A kie - den
   F lvp - iri
   F mao Convoys A bre - naf
   A mun Supports A boh
   F nwy - swe
   A pie - mar
   A pru Supports A war
   A war Supports A mos (*Ordered to Move*)
   A mar - spa
   A rom Hold (*Dislodged*)
   F spa(sc) - wes
   A arm Supports A mos - sev
   F bla - con (*Fails*)
   A mos - sev (*Fails*)
   A smy Supports F bla - con
   A stp - mos (*Fails*)
   F con Hold
   Italian A Rome can retreat to Tuscany, Apulia, or OTB
Centers and Unit Positions:
   Centers (11) bud, bul, gre, nap, rum, ser, sev, tri, tun, ven, vie.
   Units: F bul(sc), A gal, F nap, A rom, A rum, A ser, A sev, A trl, A ukr, A ven, A vie
   Build/Disband: 0
   Eliminated Winter 1906
   Centers (1): por.
   Units: F por
   Build/Disband: 0
   Centers (13): bel, ber, bre, den, edi, hol, kie, lvp, lon, mun, nwy, par, war.
   Units: A boh, A den, A gas, F bot, F iri, A mar, F mao, A mun, A naf, A pru, A sil, F swe, A war
  Build/Disbands: 0
   Centers (3): mar, rom, spa.
   Units: A spa, F wes
   Build/Disband: 0
   Centers: (5): ank, mos, smy, stp, swe.
   Units: A arm, F bla, A mos, A smy, A stp
   Build/Disband: 0
   Centers (1): con.
   Units: F con
   Build/Disband: 0
1908 Spring Retreats: Monday; February 1, 24:00 Hrs GMT
Maps of the Orders and Results, and the dpy file are attached for your use. 
  Best of luck in the next season,
                                              Darryl (GM)

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