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Subject:< DC270: Spring 1907 1906 Results >
Topic:< dc270 >
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Posted:Jan 07, 2010 at 8:42 pm
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GM’s remarks:
I am unable to locate any orders from Italy.  My records show this is Italy’s first NMR.  Ian, if you are still with us, please drop me an email.
Russia’s retreat was performed automatically since there was only one viable option.  Joe, if you would have preferred to have the unit retreat off-the-board, please let me know as soon as possible and I will make the correction and send out the change.
Otherwise, we will proceed on to the Fall season (see new deadline below).
The Players:
Austria:      Dan Huck                   aefgirt7(at) ([email]aefgirt7(at)[/email])     
England:    Jack McHugh             jwmchughjr(at) ([email]jwmchughjr(at)[/email])
France:      Michael Thompson    psychosis(at) ([email]psychosis(at)[/email])
Germany:  Joe Babinsack           chaosonejoe(at) ([email]chaosonejoe(at)[/email])
Italy:            Ian Shaw                    ianxshaw(at) ([email]ianxshaw(at)[/email])
Russia:      Joe Payne                  josepayne(at) ([email]josepayne(at)[/email]) 
Turkey:       Brandon Wade          bwhotmale1(at) ([email]bwhotmale1(at)[/email])
The Orders:
   A bud - rum (*Fails*)
   F bul(sc) Hold
   A gal Supports A war (*Cut*)
   F nap - rom (*Fails*)
   A rum - sev (*Bounce*)
   A sev - mos
   A tri Supports A trl - ven
   A trl - ven
   A ukr Supports A sev - mos
   A vie - boh (*Fails*)
   A war Supports A sev - mos (*Disbanded*)
   Eliminated Winter 1906
   F mao - por
   A ber - pru
   A boh - gal (*Fails*)
   A bre Supports A gas
   F edi - nth
   F eng - mao
   A gas Supports F mao - spa(nc) (*Void*)
   F iri Supports F eng - mao
   A mun - trl
   F pru - bal
   A sil - war
   A mar, no move received
   A rom, no move received
   F spa(sc), no move received
   A ven, no move received (*Disbanded*)
   A ank - con (*Fails*)
   A arm - sev (*Bounce*)
   F bla Supports A arm - sev (*Cut*)
   A lvn Supports A sil - war
   A mos Supports A arm - sev (*Dislodged*)
   F nwg - nwy
   F con - bla (*Fails*)
   A smy - arm (*Fails*)
   Russia A Moscow retreats to St. Petersburg
Centers and Unit Positions:
   Centers (11) bud, bul, gre, nap, rum, ser, sev, tri, tun, vie, war.
   Units: A bud, F bul(sc), A gal, A mos, F nap, A rum, A tri, A ukr, A ven, A vie
   Build/Disband: 0
   Eliminated Winter 1906
   Centers (1): por.
   Units: F por
   Build/Disband: 0
   Centers (10): bel, ber, bre, den, edi, hol, kie, lon, mun, par.
   Units: F bal, A boh, A bre, A gas, F iri, F mao, F nth, A pru, A trl, A war
  Build/Disbands: 0
   Centers (4): mar, rom, spa, ven.
   Units: A mar, A rom, F spa(sc)
   Build/Disband: +1
   Centers: (6): ank, lvp, mos, nwy, stp, swe.
   Units: A ank, A arm, F bla, A lvn, F nwy, A stp
   Build/Disband: 0
   Centers (2): con, smy.
   Units: F con, A smy
   Build/Disband: 0
1907 Fall Orders: Thursday; January 14, 2010, 24:00 Hrs GMT
Maps of the orders, retreats and results, and the dpy file are attached for your use. 
Best of luck in the next season,                                               Darryl (GM)

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